22.7 Magdalenes Feastday in Glastonbury


Krystal Light Codes DNA Activation

live from Glastonbury ☆ July 22 2023


JULY 22nd

With tremendous Joy I hereby announce that on July 22nd (a 22.7.7 date) I will be in Glastonbury.

Finally again! 

It feels way too long since I've been there. Last year I travelled through England towards Scotland, but had no time to visit one of the places in the world that feels home to my Soul. 

Glastonbury is being called the Heart Chakra of the Earth. It has a very special place in my own heart. Emphasized by a picture I once took, when at summer Solstice, a Heart shaped cloud (which almost looked like an exclamation point) appeared exactly above the Tor around the actual time of the Solstice (2014).

pic by Ariëtte Love ©HeartSoulutions, Summer Solstice 2014


It is from here I will offer a new live online Krystal Light Codes DNA Activation, on July 22, Magdalene’s Feastday. 

In the energy of the Isle of Avalon, the Tor, Chalice Well garden, the White Spring, Glastonbury Abby, Marys Chapel...

in the energy of The Magdalene. 

She invites US to celebrate.

And thus it will be a ceremonial celebration.


When you are reading this, it may very well be you can already feel her presence. Her Essence. 

Pay attention please…

Do you then feel it mostly within? Or do you feel her around you? 
What does she represent to you?
Do you long to embody certain traits that she supposedly exposed?

Is there something you recognise in her?
What resonates most of the Magdala, the Migdal?


In the coming time, prior to this online ceremony, you may wish to consciously connect to her, to her energy, her frequency, to the Divine Feminine within you (what does that mean, how does that feel?), to what you wish to see more of in your life as well as in the world…

It may be she starts to appear more in your dreamtime, or even daytime. That you feel her whispers. Hear her Soul’s Song and want your own to be sung as well. You may start to dance out of the blue. Or fall on your knees when outside in nature, out of deep reverence for the beauty and abundance mother Earth treats us with. You may notice yourself praying to the Holy Spirit. Remembering certain holy rituals… 

As soon as you start to connect to her consciously, She is present. It is up to us to pay attention and notice it. What is it she is showing? What does she wish to point out? It may just be that all you have labelled as being hers is actually yours too…


She (innerly) supports us to remember That-What-We-Innately-Are;

to own, embody ánd celebrate that.

So let us!



At times I get the question whether the Krystal Light Codes DNA Activations are linked to the Krystal Spiral.

Recently again. So it might be good to again describe a bit more regarding these kind of DNA Activations.

Let me see if I can respond to this rather shortly and then point out to you also where you could find more info in order for you to do your own investigations. Because each and everyOne of us has to feel for themselves what resonates and what not, what we believe in, what we accept as (our) truth. What I share here comes from the wisdom I have (re)gained by now and is in alignment with my Truth (and the older and wiser I become this may very well shift).

To start with shortest answer possible answer: 

YES the Krystal Light Codes DNA Activations are based on the Krystal Spiral and it's geometry.

As you most probably know, collectively we are going through an (intense) Ascension and Awakening process.

We have been living in a dimension which was very dense. For many of us did this not feel comfortable or welcome or 'like home'. We would have felt more at home in a lighter and brighter place. We incarnated with memories of lighter and brighter ways of being. To help anchor that here on Earth.

For a long time already we have been 'stuck' in what is being called 'the 3rd dimension'. This dimension is mostly linked to the Fibonacci Spiral. Including nature (natural organisms) here on Earth. 

It's sequence looks like this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144

"The Krystal architecture is self perpetuating and inner sustaining, its math is represented by including Zero Point or Zero in its numerical sequence: 0, 1, 1 , 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc., through doubling each numerical value. Each of the numerical values is derived though returning to Zero and adding all of the numbers together to get to the next highest value in its sequence. The value of Zero represents the central point of union, or Zero Point God Source, while increasing the values of the Krystal Spiral the Consciousness remains connected to the original Source field while progressively expanding." (source: Ascension Glossary - note: just because I resonate with the Krystal Spiral description as well as with more on this website does nót mean I resonate with éverything that is being stated on this website).

What you can see when you compare the 2 sequences is that the Krystal Spiral expands at a much faster pace than the Fibonacci spiral.

Visually it looks like this:

The blue line represents the Krystal Spiral and the red one the Fibonacci Spiral. You can see here the Krystal Spiral starts within the Fibonacci Spiral but then crosses it (at point 'axis 7', when they both reach 144 a explained in the video below), and after that the Krystal Spiral expands really really fast.
My translation of this is: when we connect to and align with the Krystal Spiral frequencies, that expand at such high speed (and then faster and faster), WE also expand, evolve, ascend at a faster rate. 
So that is exactly what we do during the DNA Activations I transmit: The Krystal Light Codes are indeed linked to and based on the Krystal Spiral and it's expansive evolutionary qualities and we will bathe in them every time we come together in sacred circle or when you listen to one of the dozens of replays (in the Field of Love - English - or in De Krachtplek - Nederlands / Dutch - in videos which you can buy separately in my shop HERE (click to see all options available at the moment; all these videos you will find included in the Field of Love by the way) or HERE - or watch for free on my English YouTube channel of mijn Nederlandstalige YouTube kanaal).

VIDEO by Waking Earth with explanation about the Krystal Spiral and the two timelines

So this was a short explanation about the influence of the Krystal Spiral in 'my' Krystal Light Code DNA Activations. AND apart from that, the Krystal Light Codes DNA Activation are also based on and bathing in Christ Consciousness.

You may have noticed that I also write Christ-ALL Light Codes at times.
This I do to emphasise that a) we will connect to (our innate knowing of how it is to live in congruency with) Christ Consciousness
ánd b) Christ-ALL sounds like Crystal / Krystal (also referring to the crystalline state we are evolving into) and expresses that ALL is part of (this/Christ) Consciousness and that when we immerse in it
we will Remember what we innately are, by focussing on Christ-Consciousness and attuning to it we help to awaken our inner dormant codes and keys that we have been safeguarding within until the time would be right for them to be freed.


Both Mary Magdalene (Miryam Migdal) and Yeshua (Jesus) had mastered the 'art' of Ascending while in a human body. They have been and are Wayshowers when it comes to this.
Ever since I was a little girl I felt a deep connection with both of them and since they 'merged inside of me' (spiralling inwards through the Crown, while being intertwined with each other) many years ago, I feel their Presence and Essence even more and know they are some of my most prominent guides ánd supporters.

It is as if the things I transmit, the words that come through, the imagery I get to see, and a lot of the times even the dreams I have, are in a way linked to them. (There are a few more prominent guides who have the permission to do so in my life).

So when it comes to working with and attuning to the Krystal Spiral while being so connected to them, comes quite natural to me. Since they as well as the Krystal frequencies have all to do with current collective Ascension Process.

I hope this helps to clarify a bit more of my WHY when it comes to what I am offering, when it comes to the name of the DNA Activations I offer. It is simply one of my 'tools' to support us all in going through the various stages of our planetary and cosmic 'Upwards Spiralling Movements' with as much ease and grace as is possible in this Ascencion process. 


"During and after the transmissions I felt so much lightness, something was literally being erased as my chest felt like the last bits of a flu and cold had been taken away. Since then I have barely coughed and I am not short of breath anymore!!
This was 'only' the physical part but it was significant!! The Lightness I mention was obviously not 'just' physical. I felt it throughout my system: “UPLIFTED” in the most positive sense of the word."

"The Christ energy, the Presence of Christ was very palpable, I embodied it / 'it' embodied me during the Transmissions and 'He channeled through me' / 'I channeled Him'... His Wisdom, His Love, His Compassion.. it was so humbling to be allowed to feel all of this so strongly…
I felt Inner (re)Balance taking place. The merging of inner divine feminine and masculine energies.
And more..."

“Wow thank you so so so much! No words so beautiful.. I felt totally whole and complete. Felt everything at once, completely at One.. My body, everything.. At one point I felt I was being pulled down to earth by my feet (a deeper incarnation!). I instantly started to cry. So beautiful all the energies.”

“Beautiful! When naming the new dimension, In noticed a special feeling along my spine and I saw myself turning into some kind of crystalline, pearly creature with horns, some kind of goat. And in the wholing room I noticed a lot of feelings, almost pressing on my heart, and much more, thank you dear Ariette and thank Egypt and everyone. Oh yes also Sekhmet was there.”

“I saw so many little lights around us. A shower of love and light. Life energy, filled with joy.”

"I tuned in later and listened to replay. It was rather weird. My head was being pushed to the right at one point, then to the back of my neck, then to the left. Like it was being stretched extremely. After that I felt 3 points (head + each shoulder) very strong. It felt like a cross. Then my neck was being pushed forward and was also being stretched. Then my feet, lower back. Then I suddenly felt a lot of power, real power. in my lower body and clenched fists (no anger at all, just strength).
This was very strong. I breathed and yawned a lot. Toning, using my voice. Things were vibrating (..). Finally I stood up, with my hands in front of my chest and did namaste to myself. Suddenly I saw how my body actually carries me around and I realized how it does everything for me in this whole life. That this is not to be taken for granted. That I may cherish this body. I felt gratitude for it for the first time. Kissed my hands. And felt that really deep. This was the first time I could see this like this. A thousand times thank you  ❤ Love"

♡ ☆ ☉ ☆ ♡

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