Celebrating the Magdalene


It’s a few days after Magdalene’s Feast Day and apart from the need to integrate certain shifts that took place I’ve had a fully packed schedule in my practice since, so it’s only now I have time to write about that very special day(*).

After a little less than 2 years we met again! The first time we met I drove us to the area where I was born, near ‘the Maas’/Meuse. And this time in Germany where Nicole feels so at home.

On my way to pick her up I was almost being bombarded with an absurd amount of double and triple numbers; most frequently the 111’s, 22’s, 33’s ánd 888’s. I almost flew there haha. KNEW it would really be an extraordinary day with some magical ingredients on top… AND SO IT WAS!

From where she and her partner stayed it was still a long drive to Externsteine. In distance and hours that is, for it didn’t feel long at all. Again, we flew (maybe the Tesla helped to get the sense of flying but I tend to think it was the uplifting energies and conversations we shared above all else).

EXTERNSTEINE… phew, what a place!


Since I first heard about it, two years ago (thank you Carol) I felt a pull towards it…and now Nicole suggested it it was a huge YES we will!

The Sun came out of the cloudiness as soon we arrived.

Walking towards the actual Sacred Site… I was in awe: Those Rocks seem to have risen up out of Nowhere! They felt like guardians to me… protectors…

Lying in the Sarcophagus was a very special experience… it reminded me of lying in the one in the Abbey (only in this one I fitted perfectly) and in a ‘tombe’ in Egypt...

The lake… the forest… our beautiful empowering sharings, the frequencies we dwelled in… the downloads…

the M A G I C felt so alive, revived on this Day we celebrated the Divine Feminine, on Magdalene’s Feast Day…

On my way back home… (some 4-4,5 hours) again many masternumbers. Same ones and the 44’s could add to this game now too…. ;-)

When I arrived, I did feel tired but NOT drained at all…

Something profound has happened that day…I don’t need to put into words what it is, I FEEL it in my blood…

I am immensely Grateful to my beloved Star Sister for suggesting to go there, for BEing who She is, shining brightly and unapologetically, for us meeting and enjoying each others company, for the beautiful words I received and could give too when we exchanged experiences (and also for what you’ve written to me in my copy of your book).

This day I treasure deeply.

And my Soul smiles broadly.

(*) = with thanX to the client who postponed an appointment because of the extreme heat… it’s the HOTTEST ever measured here in the Netherlands…! Mother Earth is giving us stronger and STRONGER SIGNALS until we finally WAKE UP EN MASSE and start to treat Her well and help her HEAL!!!