Celebrating Magdalene's Feastday

Celebrating Magdalene's Feastday

July 22

listen here to 'Glorious Goddess'

Never was She gone, She was never dead.

All She did was lingering quietly in depths…

When they tried to erase The Goddesses inside,

She ran away, She fled, deep into the Night.

But never has this been the ending of The Way…

She deliberately chose for a while to go astray.

She and Her Knowledge fled into secrecy.

While keeping very alive all Rose Mysteries.

Tending Sacred yards during the past Dark ages,

Cultivating treasures for the coming generations.

Hidden indeed, for those who were blind

and unable to see with their unconscious mind.

Her Faith never vanished. Her Light never dimmed.

Her song Divine could be heard in the wind.

Her voice got picked up within purest Hearts,

By those for whom Love was the State of the Art.

And all the while Her Power just grew,

Her gentleness ánd Her fierce Fires too.

She was the wise One, she knew all along:

“Attempts to break me make me FOREVER strong.

I AM Here, full force and Whole,

I AM of Source, I AM Over-Soul.

I never did vanish, nor will I ever,

Humanity rise with joint endeavor!

Open up, it’s Time, those longing for Peace,

Let untamed wildness now be unleashed.

Fling open the cages that have kept you small,

Emerge from the numbness, fear not, stand tall.

Remember the Call, broach your cask of courage,

It has been foreseen: The Light will now flourish.”

She will never be gone and never ever dead,

No longer quiet now, having left the depths…

The Goddess awakens, here at full force,

She is One with Gaia and One with Source.

Open up to remember, the Teachings She brings,

Of Joy of Laughter, She dances, She sings.

Yes, The Goddess inside…has come a very long Way,

But Now, Gloriously celebrating Magdalene’s Feastday.




R E M E M B E R...


So it is

And so it shall be

Ariëtte Love Loeffen


22 July 2019


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