The Many Faces of the Goddess

Dear One,

1 month ago today, July 22nd 2020 on Magdalene’s Feastday, my husband and I were in Catharland, Southern France, at Rennes-le-Chateau.

We went to ‘the Caves of Mary Magdalene’ to honour and celebrate Her.
At a certain moment we were there all by ourselves... 
and the weather started acting up:


We were stuck in the big Cave for hours, until early evening. 
Which gave us the perfect opportunity to deeply connect to the energies there... HER energies.
I felt the ‘Lineage of the Goddess’ that had never been forgotten... SHE, the Goddess, has been deeply worshipped in that region for Ages. My Soul, my DNA awoke... 
I remembered. 
Our bodies remembered. 

I knew I had not only been there during ‘the time of Magdalene’ but Aeons before that... 

That afternoon the Goddess presented HerSelf to us in Her Full Glory... 

and we reconnected, dived in, received, relived...



SHE is still só very palpable there... in the Walls of the Caves, the Air one breathes, within th Sacred Soil and we tasted Her in the Waters falling down from the Sky...! 

I felt Her entering my Whole Being...She penetrated deep inside my bones and started flowing through my veins... enabling me to reconnect deeper and deeper and deeper...  

She reminded me of many things in o so many ways… and I Knew with my Whole BEing IT IS TIME. Time to Share HER Gifts once more...

It truly felt as if all had been Perfectly arranged, Divinely orchestrated. 

We felt deeply nourished. 

We felt held.
We felt eternally Loved. 

And o so guided...

In these energies, literally hearing and fééling the rumbling Roar of Her thunder while at the same time being so protected and held gently, I started to channel what came through and recorded the guided meditation you can NOW purchase here for a special affordable Good Goddess price: ‘THE MANY FACES OF THE GODDESS; a most Sacred Co-Creating imbued with multiple Blessings of HER. 


(incl. 5 Live gatherings through zoom, every fortnight, starting September 1st).

event also on Facebook here:


and here:


with immense Love and deep Faith in ALL,

Ariëtte Love Loeffen



Some people ask (when they see me using mostly pictures of myself) "Are You The Goddess?"...(some question with a judgemental tone, others mere curiosity)...:

First of all, I like to use pics of myself for various reasons. No challenges with copyrights to name one.

And... I had to relearn to love myself, my image(s) and learn to present myself.

So secondly you might want to read this post I put on Facebook, which touches upon the subject of Standing, of Rising to be SEEN and Showing Up (in this blog section you can find more articles with this subject).

Thirdly: YES I AM... and so ARE YOU!!! That is what SHE reminds us of... remember dear ONE........