4.4 Anchoring Sacred Love

we are Here to embody
the Love & Light that we are

Master Numbers
I have this ‘thing’ with them…

Do you remember your first love?

I do.

Sweet memories of that boy, who apparently fell in love with me the moment I entered the classroom of the school in the village we had just moved to. 

​I had felt very sad for having had to leave my best girlfriend, for moving out of the house I was so fond of, as well as the many animals we had had on our property surrounding the house… For living far away from my family. I wanted to stay there and continu enjoying the freedom of growing up in that hamlet, where me and my little brothers could play anywhere we wanted to. 

But this boy soon started to send me romantic and really beautifully illustrated love letters. (I even still have his letters…). 
​Something awakened in me then…
​And there's a link with my love for Master Numbers...

Maybe because I had never felt seen before by children of my age or at least, had not felt ‘included’. And now, someone my age (I was 9 by the way) not only saw me, but did his utmost best to let me know this; that I mattered enough to put in a lot of effort and dedication (the drawings he created in these letters were really beautiful and later in life he chose to become an artist). And, although it took me a lot of courage to step over a certain inner threshold, I responded... eventually. I started to create beautiful love letters as well. We both did our utmost best to discover new kind of ways to create letters and to draw the most beautiful hearts and other decorations. Something in me had been triggered in the good sense of that word. Triggered to awaken. I had loved drawing and writing beautiful letters before. But now I felt the invitation to discover more of my talents in this. And I will always treasure these memories. Amongst others, because it helped unlock my inner gifts and discover the pleasure of tapping into these qualities of me and of creating beauty.

What does this have to do with Master Numbers?, you may wonder.
Well, on my conscious spiritual path they are amongst my first loves…
Master Numbers.
I have always had this ‘thing’ with them… and treasure precious memories of which I will share a few with you.


I wasn’t specifically fond of calculating or maths as a child or young adult. But not long after more consciously started to walk the path back to being Awake-within-this-Dream-called-life-on-Earth I started to notice numeral sequences, especially the doubles and triples. I just happened (truly, I discovered this after having planned it, because ‘something in me’ nudged me to investigate) to celebrate my postponed birthday party at the date I turned 33,33 years ‘old’ (haha, 20 years ago this year). O and shall I or shan’t I do ‘the disclaimer’ before anyone else throws it in?... Hmm, I will this time around ;-). Mostly because some things are still being inverted, also within the ‘spiritual community’, by people who also point out very worthwhile information to us. But some of them almost demonize the number 33, because - they say - it’s linked to freemasonry. So whenever they see the number, they call out a red flag. I hope we soon start seeing things more in perspective and use more discernment. For yes, it might be that 33 has a connection with freemasonry. But i.m.h.o. you can’t just label that number into a devilish one then. 33 for me is a sacred number and has, amongst others, a connection (also back then) with Yeshua, with the Holy Trinity (within you, me and all). And although I have nothing with that movement I just mentioned, I dó get happy vibes with the number 33.

Anyway… it may be obvious that certain numbers have ‘been my love’ for a long time already… I started to become more aware of them functioning as some kind of ‘guides’ on my path. And no, back then, I could not rationally make a thing out of that ;-)

a t

á l l.

But I could’t deny it even still.







More and more.

As if they wanted to say, you cannot neglect this anymore ánd you’re not supposed to.

Later I learned this falls under the term ‘synchronicities’.

Anyway… I started to pay attention. Because, as with that first innocent love as a child, something in me had been triggered to awaken. Since my mind couldn’t understand the why, I started to ask my Heart. I tuned into my body more, in order to find out what I was feeling the moment I noticed them, while asking myself curious questions at the same time. Not only, what are the spots in my body that feel triggered now, but also things like ‘does this feel as a warning or as a confirmation’?


Then, during one night, I had a very vivid dream. Most of that night time (it seemed) only 1 thing was happening…:

Certain numbers were being shown to me. Like constantly. And a beautiful heavenly voice sang these numbers. It was actually a sequence of numbers. But an unusual one compared to the ones I normally noticed. This sequence had only 1 Master Number in it you see. The Master Number that was part of this sequence was 44.

From the moment I turned 44 (now almost 8 years ago) I have been seeing that specific double several times every single day for several years!!! Can you imagine? I am glad that a lot of the times I had a witness with me (my husband), for at first it was even hard for me to ‘accept’. But again, it was in my face. 

Apparently Life (the Universe, God~dess) wanted me to ‘get’ something. Which has been a bit of a frustration for a while to be honest… Most of all because the last number in that sequence remained a mystery to me… It still is in a way. I guess, because I am currently in the phase in which that one is being played out. I do love these feelings of frustration by the way, for they help me to stay focused and to keep paying attention, because I am eager to discover more. I'm still waiting to see if even more revelations will come and as soon as I can share more you will hear it too.




Double 4.

What I’m about to share now I have shared before in other blogs: The importance of that birthday and the magical present my husband gave me. He had no physical gift for me then, but stated he would, from then on, consciously support me fully in my mission. Quite shortly after, the Universe responded and I was being invitated to bring my work across the Channel (England and Scotland), the Atlantic Ocean (USA, several places several times) and, a bit later, the Indian Ocean. Then later also in other countries. My mind had no clue of the how-come-this-is-happening at first, but I was aware of the fact it had been predicted by the numbers already. And I was immensely grateful. Although I did find it hard at times to leave my children at home in The Netherlands, I also truly loved the expansive feeling of spreading my wings and fly, of learning so much of other cultures, of tapping into my inner courage for doing things I would never have dared to - as the expression goes - dream of, but secretly hád been dreaming of anyways...  

Only later I innerstood, that the statement of my husband and me accepting (t)his gift, had opened certain (Cosmic) Gates that had been closed before.
My focus shifted from 33 to getting to know more about 44.
From the trinity – a shape I am fond of – to the square. Rather dull I thought. At first that is.
But I have come to really love it.
The quality it has shown me has mostly to do with stability, stabilizing, grounding, rooting or earthing, with incarnating deeper, with anchoring and also with establishing.

4.4 Anchoring Sacred Love

The date 4.4 is at hand.

And I feel eager to facilitate a brand new Krystal Light Codes DNA Activation then.

If you feel the Calling to participate you are of course being welcomed to do so. To bathe together in the vast Field of Love, that is so palpable when we come together and are joining our forces of Light. Sacred Circles like that are marvellous co-creations in which it is easy to tap into our expansive state of Being-ness. Just read some of the TESTIMONIALS participants have reported after last few online ‘gatherings.’ May they inspire you and arouse your curiosity when it comes to what is possible for each of us Now…

By the way, it is still possible to purchase the REPLAY of the last one (English, or Dutch – both were different by the way, although titles are the same). Which was really profound and so resonated with a) the lucid dream I had had a few days prior to the actual Activations (read HERE) and b) with what Judith Kusel shared a day or what later (March 21st to be exact, read HERE); with gratitude to the one who made me aware of that! (Fun fact: former time I had organized an Activation someone else also pointed out to me it had a strong link with what Judith Kusel had written).

Back to the upcoming 4.4 event.

For this 4.4 date the term ‘Anchoring Sacred Love’ came through.

I know that in the coming few weeks, more will be revealed.

I hope - and actually feel - that what I am about to write can be quite easily innerstood by the ones who have been on The Path for quite some time already ánd who have been able to get to Know themSelf on a deeper level, the level of Truth, of the real-REALity-that-is-ever-present-withIN:

What I have gotten so far is that now we are becoming more aware of that Real-ity and now we see through the veils of illusions, we are experiencing that we are Sacred in Essence.

We have had the courage to dive in deep. We have gone through a lot of the muddy chaos. To find ourselves in, one could say, a different or New Real-ity, while still walking upon this earth plane. We are (becoming) more aware of our multidimensionality, also in our day-to-day/‘mundane’-lives.

Now, there is ‘a part of’ us – you could call it ‘mind’ or ‘ratio’ or ‘certain egoic structures’ – that may try to pull us back into what once felt familiar. No worries, we won’t go back to that I feel. But

we are being nudged to knowingly Anchor the Truth of who and what we are,
which is Sacred Love, or
Divinity Embodied.


As I was tuning into this I saw the image of the Ankh (Anchoring = Ankh-oring), I saw the wings of Isis fully opened, I saw the Djed of Osiris. I saw gorgeous golden light. Which totally makes sense to me!

The Ankh then represents Eternal Life, similar to Sacred Love.

Goddess Isis is the magical Master who has shown the world what we are capable of when it comes to restoring what may seem to be unrepairable

(in short, which doesn't do justice to the actual potency of the magical powers involved: her consort, Osiris, had been murdered, then cut to pieces and she healed him using - amongst others – the powerful energy of the Ankh).

Wide open wings: for we are being invited to open up, even more than before, to the Truth of who we are.

The Djed of Osiris. I have literally been working with this tool for years now (as I have with the Ankh). What I have noticed is the strong power of this sacred device when it comes to grounding, embodiment, stabilizing, anchoring. Recently, as Sandra de Vos and I were guiding a group of people through Egypt, I had brought both the Ankh and the Djed with me. The latter has definitely been used a lot by participants, especially at moments we had done such high frequently work that some people experienced difficulty with fully returning in their physical body again.

But we nééd to have the courage now to incarnate even more than before. This is why the djed can be so helpful. Also when merely attuning to it ‘in ethereal form’.

I see these divine tools operating ‘tandem-like’ a lot of the times. Sacred Love = United Love, Divine Union. So that makes sense as well.

Optimally Anchoring Sacred Love is what will occur on April 4.
In those who are open, willing (open wings, open heart) ánd ready.
Working with and in the energy of this Master Number to anchor in and embody more of our innate Mastery!
What will then take place withIN us will, simultaneously, be Anchored in and for The Collective.



WHATKrystal Light Codes DNA Activation ‘4.4 Anchoring Sacred Love’ (English)
DATEApril 4th
WHEREOnline (click HERE to join us)
TIMEThe virtual Temple Gates open at 7.50pm CET (19:50 uur Amsterdam tijd) 
START8pm CET (20:00 uur Amsterdam tijd) punctually

This Activation will be recorded and be available a.s.a.p. afterwards HERE, as well as in the Field of Love for those who have a membership (becoming a member can be chosen anytime; you'll then get immediate access to ALL previous Krystal Light Codes DNA Activations, as well as to many Affirmations, guided Meditations and other Inspirations).


It might be that prior to this event and/or as soon as you have registered you start to notice energy shifts already. You may want to start paying more attention to your dreams, to insights and to certain ‘coincidental’ synchronicities. And… write them down. This will help ‘the mind’ to settle down and get more acquainted with what it the actual Actuality & REAL-ity these days ;-)


As I completed this blog and opened my email I found a notification of a payment I had just received... Guess what? 

€144,33 (and no this is not the price of this event, that is only €15)


Universe never ceases to amaze me and to give me a good laugh!!



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