This is the Field of Love

Here you can recharge and re-center. Connect, again and again, to your Highest Self. Attune to an endless Field of Love, available to you. Nourish your Heart and Soul in the pure (pr)Essence of Love.

In this online sanctuary you will be immersed in high uplifting frequencies. You can enter via a monthly or annual membership and benefit from many Meditations, Activations (live online each Master Number date! Schedule: below), Transmissions, Affirmations and Sacred Krystal (Christ-ALL) Light Codes.

By joining the Field of Love, you become part of a global heart based community. This safe space supports you to reconnect with your unique Blueprint and to remember your innate Truth.

Being aligned with the Power of Love strengthens you in every aspect of your BEing. It expands your sense of Freedom, Sovereignty and Joy. It enables you to tap into the Wisdom that is stored within and that is accessible through your Heart; activating your multidimensional DNA and reuniting all your Soul parts. Divine Union within is being enhanced by specifically focusing on Divine Feminine and Masculine energies and qualities.

When you make some time every day to connect with your soul, you'll get a deep feeling of newfound energy, purpose, clarity, and balance within your heart, body, mind and spirit. 

Why The Field of Love ?:

  • Unlimited access to an ongoing stream of Meditations, Activations, Transmissions, Affirmations and Sacred Krystal (Christ-ALL) Light Codes (without any commercials).
  • A monthly online gathering of our community with a 1-1,5 hour guided Meditation, Activation or Transmission.
  • Heart Based Community to connect to like minded Souls.
  • Discount for several online courses, events, sessions, spiritual journeys and retreats.


Why choose a membership of the Field of Love?

  • This is your own private online space with access 24/7, 365 days a year, to many Meditations, Christ-ALL / Krystal Light Codes Activations, Soul- and Light Language,Affirmations, Invocations, Exercises, Teachings and Inspiration. In other words: you can BE here whenever you want, wherever you are and for however long you wish to.
  • Connection with a group of like-minded people
  • Frequently tuning into high vibrational energies and unconditional Love, which uplifts and empowers you on all levels.
  • Upgrades in High Frequencies (5D and way up).
  • Considerable financial advantage compared to purchasing single Activations or Meditations.
  • No noisy commercials after an impactful, loving and meditation, as happens on YouTube.
  • Free access to LIVE monthly online meetings of Krystal Light Codes DNA Activations and Meditations, exclusively for members.
  • The subscription is being renewed automatically. You can cancel at any time via accessing your own portal on HeartSoulutions website.

What's the Difference between Field of Love and De Krachtplek?

First of all, the Field of Love is an international community with members from all over the world. The language is English, whereas De Krachtplek is in Dutch. People who are part of both the Field of Love and De Krachtplek have reported to me is that all Meditations and Krystal Light Codes DNA Activations are completely different. It's not that one is better than the other. 

Sign up for the Field of Love now

You can choose between a monthly or annual membership. With an annual membership you benefit from 20% discount and you'll have over 2 months free access compared to the monthly membership.


How to partake in the monthly Krystal Light Codes DNA Activations?

The Activations I offer support us in preparing our ‘Bodily-Temples-as-a-Whole' to optimally receive and then transmit the High Frequencies and Energies that flood our planet, as we are in the midst of the Collective Ascension process. 

Below you find some suggestions to support your body on all levels when it comes to adapting to the changes and integrating them with ease and grace (suggestions are not must-do's... always follow your own inner guidance).


Create a cosy and tranquil spot for yourself to be in; your own 'Love nest'. You can choose whether you sit or lie down during the Meditation Activation. I usually recommend lying down. Whatever you choose, make sure it's comfortable for you. (Think of: a blanket, warm socks, a pillow...).

- Have water or herbal tea near you. Turn off your cell phone or other things that may disturb you.

- It can be nice to create a mesa or altar with, for example, roses, a candle, a flower, incense, a 'sacred item', cleansed crystals, etc. Of course you could also make a (krystal) grid around you in which you will sit or lie down

- Have your journal with you so that you can take notes as soon as you receive a certain insight, symbol or other 'energetic gift'.


These Krystal Light Codes Activations have a deep impact. The integration continues after the actual live online Activations. 

- Spend time in nature as much as you can. Literally connect with Mother Earth (hands touching Her, bare feet, hug a tree, work in the garden or...).

- Consciously absorb sunlight (be cautious and educate yourself on HOW to do this).

- Drink extra water (bless it beforehand).

- Take a bath / shower with (Celtic) sea salt / epsom salt, essential oil or...

- Take a rest when your sweet body indicates that it needs that.

- Be kind to yourself... that's always nice and now even more. After all, we are tribe HUmanKIND…

- Keep a journal in which you note your experiences, insights, dreams, and so forth, especially during the integration period. This is of tremendous help in supporting your mind with all the shifts and transfigurations.

- Exchange with 'like-minded & like-hearted Souls'. You can find these for example in the Facebook community 'Christ-ALL Light Codes' or in the Telegram group ‘HEARTSOULUTIONS’.

The Activations are being recorded and replays will be available afterwards in your 'virtual temple' of the Field of Love.


much Love, Ariëtte

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