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Sirian StarSeed Key Codes Next Level Light 
New SuperMoon 
December 23rd 2022 
DNA Activation Transmission

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Recently, as I lay in my bed, I received a massive download. It was after I had had a significant and long 'meeting' with a spiritual Sister, Sandra de Vos. For both of us this has propelled us into significant experiences and revelations afterwards. The day after she birthed the next code that had announced itself already a few months ago. This one also needed to come through her so we can all benefit from it: The Central Sun Code. (To see more about her work, check

I can never draw or even explain what I was being shown.
I can tell you however that it looked way different from anything I have seen before.
It truly felt like Next Level Light Codes.

It was as if transparent ribbons of pure light were dancing elegantly, playfully and joyfully. Heavenly sounds accompanied the moving 'structure' and (visible) frequencies. The ribbons that carried the Next Level Codes symbols were shiny pearlescent. Swirling in between and around those ribbons were ribbons of violet, lapis lazuli, turquoise, aquamarine, and deep purple. All was thinly covered with golden stardust. The overal form had a kind of an egg shape, but I only use that word because that is a form that is known to us... Again, it's too hard to describe what I was seeing. Let alone experiencing. I knew however I had to write down certain things and that this was meaningful for my next transmission and... beyond. What I also got was that it has a link with Sirius. As well as with Egypt. Or rather: Khem. Which is the country we will travel to together in 2023.

The interesting thing is that I realized the following only later: the 2nd time I was in Egypt and the 1st time I took a group there I recorded a video in the desert in Aswan, near the Nile. What came through then were ‘Sirian Key Codes of Light & Violet Ray Codes’. It is still available for free on one of my YouTube channels: ‘HeartSoulutions Ariette Love’ (link in comments below). I was over the moon to witness this. It felt like such a gift. To me it felt like a breakthrough after a long winter sleep (which is rather peculiar and a bit ironic even, because where I live, on this very day winter has officially started today!).

Afterwards I was nudged to watch a video of an astrologer whom I admire (Pam Gregory). What stayed with me was the following: 'New beginnings as well as sudden breakthroughs'. 'The triumph of light over dark'. And 'existing beyond the dimensions of time'. She talked about this in regards to coming time and specifically related to the New SuperMoon of coming Friday.

These phrases resonated big time with what has been downloaded yesterday evening. It was of course no coincidence that download occurred yesterday evening and that I listened to her reading!

And thus I feel the urge to invite you to be part in our next online transmission, which will be coming Friday, December 23rd during New SuperMoon.


After having written the above (on Solstice) to my Field of Love 'ComeUnity' more impactful downloads and upgrades presented themselves and it is ongoing since... At first I saw things unfolding with my eyes closed. As soon as I closed them actually (whether I was in my bed, standing in the shower or taking a moment of stillness while walking in the woods). Currently I see them constantly. Even as I write this. It is as if I am being shown a whole new 'patterning'! Which is originating from a 'fountainous' movement at the base.

It is luminous, vibrant, all encompassing and very in-powering!

My husband remarked just now: This feels like next chapter.

And so it is!


Dear One, you are so welcome to be part of today's (December 23rd) transmission. The virtual gates open at 7:50pm CET (Amsterdam time). This is accessible for all members of the Field of Love and/or De Krachtplek. 
Currently we offer a HUGE DISCOUNT (maybe a once in a lifetime discount, for we haven't offered this one before, but hey, it's Christ-mas and I feel like it now!).

To all members of the Field of Love and/or De Krachtplek:

You'll find the details in the file called 'zoom link for TODAY December 23rd Next Level Light Codes' in the online environment of the Field of Love or De Krachtplek on the website of HeartSoulutions 


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Ariëtte Love 



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©Ariëtte Love ♡ HeartSoulutions, all rights reserved