Sirian StarSeed Key Codes

Download of 41:11 minutes.

Powerful DNA Activation transmitted by Ariette Love of HeartSoulutions in the energies of Solstice and the New SuperMoon at the closure of the gregorian year 2022.

Experience impactful downloads in the presence of Goddess Isis, the Sirian High Council of Light and many other Beings of Light. Bathe in the frequency of Christ Consciousness. Feel yourself held in the amniotic fluids of the Great Mother as you attune to New Beginnings and New Birthings. BE PRESENT in the vast eternal Field of Love of which you are not only 'a part', but that you are in Essence.

This downloadable video of over 40 minutes is for you to keep and enjoy from forever once you've purchased it, so you can benefit at any time from the expansive upgrades and Light Codes. Know that what you receive and experience will probably be different each new moment you listen to this!


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“Thank you for another wonderful activation. It was so nice to feel the codes/energy flowing in. When I tune in again now, it feels like coming home again.. the feeling during the activation is almost impossible to put into words; all-enveloping, reassuring, soothing. I felt like a wave moving smoothly while the inhalating and exhalating. During the DNA Activation I sank so easily into my whole body.. a deep grounding took place. There were very playfully winding palpable energies and codes, especially at my hands. At one point I felt so held and I noticed I was in complete surrender & trust.. then energy started spinning around me.. this felt incredibly powerful.. I noticed that this was different from other times when I had to ground myself. Now it was happening around me and I was in the centre. Part of me experienced fear.. this fear was from a little child. She was scared because she didn't know what was going to happen and where it would end. Then there was a loving soft mother energy that ensured the child and it felt safe. The child felt acknowledged and seen, was grateful and relieved. During the 'vortex' I felt so anchored and rooted. It was striking that my feet were cold during the activation and the rest was wonderfully warm. It was also so nice to feel as if my body was being stretched; especially upwards.. I went straight into my body and stayed there. After the activation I saw other 'crystal light' energies in front of your face.. other forms it seemed.. and when you shared about Egypt I could hardly believe it.. so much joy.. my whole body resonates / flows says YES to this.”

~ BE

“A lot happened here too, of which I could not observe everything. At first I was lying in an ocean of golden liquid that had all those codes in it. I can't describe exactly how these codes worked, but they were ‘for preparation’. Pretty much everything you shared fits so perfectly with what I've been going through and/or been searching for lately: which is that my body and soul would align and merge together.I felt that happening now. At first I saw my soul still "loose" in my body, connected ánd at the same time not. Now it feels like the fusion has taken place. I can no longer separate mySelf from my body. What happened mostly is that my body received an upgrade in order to align with my Soul frequency. I am curious to discover what the effects will be. Thank you for this beautiful and intense activation.”

~ DH

“So much happened. As if I shed my skin. I saw many codes and then I saw myself in another life in Egypt. My hands were tingling. Then the idea popped up that I wanted to go with you [to Egypt]. Then my head began to think ‘who I would go with?’ And now you say you will take a group of people there. Magical. Then it felt like my brain and guts were taken out and then put back in, almost as if I was being put back together again (like a puzzle). After that I needed to blow out a lot of black smoke. I'm still working on that. Is it my mind now, because it felt a bit sad and anxious, or can I be with it for a while.. I feel the latter and I'm going to do that...”

The morning after I received of this same individual: “Yesterday is still ‘going on’. When I tune into it for a moment, I can still feel small greyish clouds being blown out, as if my body is detoxing. And my eyes feel like (..) something has changed. My eyes feel like dragon eyes. And as if, like with lizards who can put a kind of layer over their eyes so that they can go into the water, that's how if feels with my eyes. When I blink I also see colors much brighter. And my body… I don't know what happened, but it's like I've been reassembled. I couldn't get to sleep last night and woke up very early and that's totally okay. I'll let it simmer for a while.

~ SG

“Dear Ariette, thank you for yesterday's wonderful activation, a very powerful and unstoppable one! I was still so deep in it that I wanted to come back quietly and not immediately type words. That's why I'm responding now! So beautiful how you can find words to describe what you see. I saw everything but can't describe it. Lots of colors, shapes, movement. There were also light beings and a lot of energy around my crown. (…)”

~ MvB

“Thank you, I hadn't attended live for a while. But again it was a warm bath. It was intense and precious and beautiful. The phoenix has risen from the ashes and my ethernal flame burned (..).”

~ MvR

“(..) Thank you again for this special activation. It was totally connected to this past day and week... This afternoon.I sat in the car and wondered, in my mind, what ‘stepping into my mastery’ might entail. I see so many teachers around me with all their unique talents and wondered what mine would be. Immediately I got some kind of answer. I saw myself lying in bed and receiving a lot of light. And that makes me physically restless. Then I realized that it never occurred to me at at such moments that my body is restless because I'm being requested to do something. Not like sports or anything, but more like performing an earthly task. Before I didn't understand the signs. How could I have missed this!: I am being asked to serve as a receiver and transmitter. I can receive large amounts of light to transmit into the grid and to everything that lives on and in mother earth.

Therefore tonight's activation seemed to be have been made specifically for me. It was completely attuned to this. And all that love I felt so beautiful today, as if we were all connecting all our hearts and sending love to each other (…) Thanks again for what you do and share with us (...)”

~ EB


Read HERE in this blog more about the impactful downloads and upgrades I received myself prior to this DNA Activation and the Breakthrough I experienced as a result of that! If you prefer to listen then watch the video below in which I share about this with you (and it's also worthwhile to read the comment section on YouTube below this video, because apparently more people have experiences the Next Level Light.



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