5.5 Sacred Gateway: Embodying Feminine Essence

5.5 Sacred Gateway

Embodying Feminine Essence

Benefit from my special present and this unique opportunity!:

All subscribers of my newsletter can now participate FOR FREE in this potent 5.5 online event!

O my Goddess, I can só feel the far reaching impact of this one already. 

N.B.: If you cannot attend live you’ll get access to the replay a.s.a.p. afterwards.


art by Ariette Love


On this festive 2nd Birthday of the Field of Love it is also a 5.5 Portal Day ánd a very potent Lunar Eclipse will take place. 

5 is my life number. Thus 5.5 is really meaningful to me. 

Amongst others, 5 stands for: Change, Transformation, Divine Feminine, Venus, Liberation, Freedom of Being, Holy Cycles of Eternal Flow.

As I tuned in to upcoming 5.5 Portal Day I got the vision and impression of a Sacred Gateway.

A Gateway we need to step through.

I See The Goddess there, standing straight, beckoning us Home… 


This particular Portal Day is especially related to Venus. Friday is Venus Day. From a numerological viewpoint adding the numbers of this date 5+5+2+0+2+3 (5.5.2023) makes 17 and then, when adding those numbers, 1+7, we get an 8. 

Venus’ movements in the cosmos show a rhythm which creates a pentagram or 5-petalled rose. How? Venus has an 8-year cycle. Every 8 years she comes back to the same spot in the sky around the same date. 13 Venus ‘years’ (13x224,8=2922,4) equals almost exactly 8 earthly cycles around the sun (2922 days). Over these 8 earthly years, the relative positions of Venus, Earth and Sun repeat 5 times. This way Venus is related to the numbers 5, 8 and 13. 

So we have the Lunar Eclipse, as well as Venus, combined with the 5.5 Portal Day. Ánd then we’re also in the time frame and energy of Beltane. 

One can see how much comes together on this potent date of 5.5.2023!! 

All related to the Divine Feminine. 


On Beltane (1 of the 8! annual Sabbat festivities) that traditionally occurs on or around 1st of May, between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, we celebrate Life’s flourishing and fertility.

It’s the start of the Summer season; one of the ever returning phases our beloved Mother Earth, Gaia, goes through - year in, year out - during her cycles of Life.

This 5.5 date, the Goddess is showing up, in a few of Her countless and bountiful expressions. Inviting each and every one of us to step through the 5.5 Sacred Gateway now. 

art by Ariette Love


The Vision I got was of a Portal, a Sacred Star Gate, of which we are on one side while The Goddess is beckoning us from the other side; the Garden of Eden. Her long hair is waving in the gentle breeze. Her sensual body is barely covered with a thin cloth made of a cosmic crystalline fabric. She has the features of an ageless One, carrying within all aspects of The Goddess, but now showing HerSelf mostly in Her soon-Mother-to-BE expression; her womb expecting to give birth to new Life. Her hands rest lightly on her belly, as if tenderly protecting a precious and potent upcoming Promise. The Promise of New Life. Which She has safeguarded, caressed and held lovingly below Her Heart: New Earth. About to arise from our evolving Collective Consciousness, as we Now come back to Equilibrium on the inner realms. 


The Great Mother Knows and Shows The Way. For She is and has always been Balanced within. Undivided. Being in, of and as the state of Oneness; Divine Feminine united with the Divine Masculine. Before dualism and beyond separation. 

 Collectively we are being urged to return to Holy Harmony withIN. In order for this to occur we have to welcome in The Divine Feminine Essence. Or rather, we actually need to Free Her up inside of our BEing. 

This Poem I wrote years ago says it all.  

The words of this poem you find here

It’s a matter of Collective Remembrance and Reawakening that needs to take place in order for us to unleash the optimal potential of our Soul. 

We have come from an era of horrible imbalance in which patriarchy has shown that that way is a lose-lose-game-for-all. 
We originate from a State of BEing though, which is only about Win-for-ALL, in which ALL of Life thrives. This is what our Hearts are craving for. This is what is innately ours. Establishing this in the Here & Now is what we incarnated for. 
And so we Now reclaim it by immersing ourselves in this Knowing, which is still present in the inner sanctum of our Heart. By shining the Light of Truth on the hidden treasures and memories that have been safeguarded for as long as was needed during the totally-out-of-balance-millennia. 

Unlocking Gnosis by fully waking up from former hypnosis.


She welcomes us to tread over the (perceived) threshold into the Light of Truth where Freedom of BEing awaits us. 

Stepping through the Sacred Gateway in order to re-Embody Divine Feminine Essence. Restoring Her Queendom, so Goddess-and-God-residing-inside-will-wHoly-reunite.

As we individually go through these highly alchemising processes of restoring The Sacred in all possible facets, we impact our environment and thus the Collective. Inspiring those Souls whose eyes are already willing to See, whose senses are open enough to feel touched by the Living Truth of Embodied Equilibrium. 

On this potent Portal Day She is standing in the Gateway. And we have the opportunity to go through Her bEarth canal. 

Are you with me?


WHY FREE PARTICIPATION? Because it’s a day of Celebration!!

5.5.23, is the 2nd anniversary of the Field of Love.

This Christ-ALL Light encoded membership area of HeartSoulutions, opened its Krystalline gates on May 5th 2021.

This is a match-inspired-by-Heaven-established-on-Earth for all who feel drawn to oftentimes (daily if you like) bathe in high vibrational frequencies, whenever they wish to.

The Field of Love is accessible 24/7.

Here we regularly come together, online, with an international commUnity of like minded & like hearted Souls. 

Benefit from my special present and unique opportunity!

All subscribers of my newsletter can now participate FOR FREE in this 5.5 celebration.


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