The Masculine does not exist...

‘THE Masculine’ does not exist.
And the same goes for ‘THE Feminine’.  

A lot of people talk about The Masculine, The Feminine as if it’s about gender and you cán talk that way. A lot of people tend to talk about traits belonging to one or the other…

But it is not gender what I’m referring to. Nor am I attempting to encage us (once more).

I’m really referring to energies and frequencies and qualities, that are imbued in both genders; females and males.
Which, in many cases, haven’t been birthed and embodied yet but are now eager to be AWOKEN and then BIRTHED and to be LIVED.

So what I got was that some people tend to think - and I have had a period thinking that as well, to be honest - some people tend to think that when we invite ín the Feminine to be the Reign - like to be the Queen of our inner Queendom - that we should balance it straight away with the Masculine. In the sense of ‘working on it’.

This is not what I have experienced. And what I ‘teach’ comes from my own lived journey and discoveries…

I love to work with people who are done with having to work hard and having to work continuously on themselves.
I love to work with people who are ready to work with The Goddess in ‘a Goddessy way’.
Which means that you have - or are willing to develop - the attitude of ‘inviting in’.
That is the Feminine way: inviting in energies, opening up.

This can only happen when one is ready. One cannot decide to do so from the mind and then that’s it…

It does not imply an active letting go of certain behaviours or attitude, convictions or conditionings either.

It simply means though a willingness to open up to other possibilities.

To unknown territories.


What happens next - in most cases I have witnessed - is that The (inner) Feminine is willing ánd able to embrace ALL.

She lives in The Heart.

She is accessible there.

And when She opens up, when The Heart opens up, She is capable of holding space for ALL of us.

For all of what is living in us.

For all that needs to somehow surface in us.

Which means we don’t need to work hard anymore to find inner balance with the Masculine.

It happens more like as a natural result…

It’s an Automatic Unfolding.

It’s not a story we make up in the mind...

This is about - almost literally - Diving in and Experiencing the Magic… in our bodies, our minds, our emotions,
in our Heart & Soul…


The term Feminine, I mostly use to help people become more familiar (i.e. recognise it in themselves) with certain (inner) patterns, conditionings, thoughtforms, attitudes, with behaviours… hopefully discovering more of oneself with an open child-like curiosity.

Opening up to the Feminine is really about being curious towards the unknown.

With a patient eagerness (yes these two get along really well once you let them, I assure you!!) to discover what then starts to surface in us.


And then, eventually, maybe you’ll notice you don’t need to call it Feminine or Masculine anymore…
But that…
will be a natural result of a natural unfolding, while following the internal natural FLOW…
Guided by… HER.

xx Ariëtte xx






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