Selfcare TIPS

Hi Beautiful, how are you doing?

I hope you’re feeling wonderful and navigating Life with it’s shifts, releases and upgrades in a smooth way.

But, for the ones who currently experience all kind of symptoms like fatigue, a minor mood or even depression, grief, tension, sleepless nights, nightmares or… I’d like to give some suggestions (also shared in this video... available now for €5; in English HERE en tot een Nederlandstalige video krijg je toegang in de KRACHTPLEK).

Many of these have proven to be very helpful for me. Even if in this list would be no-thing that fits you, may it inspire you to at least take some very needed ‘ME-time’ in your own unique way.

I love to take Healing baths… I love to create my own sacred ceremonial bathing space. My Soul, my Lightbody need this physical vehicle to be ‘carried around’ across this ‘Earthplane’. One of the many possible examples of creating a Home Spa could be: cleanse your aura (sage / palo santo / maybe use a beautiful feather / sacred breath) as well as the bathroom. Bless the water in your bath (e.g. with ‘Light Language and Symbols’). Upgrade the water even more with Earthly gifts like herbs, flower petals, essential oils, celtic sea salt, crystals or…

✅ Then, while in the bathtub, I pray, ask for support and guidance during more in-depth ceremony (let your Soul guide you to ‘perform’ your own!!).

At the end I gather some of the water and gifts that accompanied me during bathing time to give that back to Mother Earth during another ceremony (forest or garden).

✅ Earthing; e.g. by literally touching Mother Earth (walking barefoot, lying on the ground – preferably skin touching earth – caressing flower petals, cuddling a nice feeling tree… you can just connect or – and this is what I do – you connect from your Heart, tune in to Her energy and frequencies, express your Gratitude for whatever it is that wells up in that particular moment (hey, you LIVE here, that’s an awesome experience in itself even if it’s not always easy… even in tough times… count the little things that matter like having a roof above your head, or having a pet, or hearing the sound of music or smelling the scent of roses…). And then you can ask Her to help with purifying your energy field… and She will.

DRINK SUNLIGHT! Consciously connect to the Sun, tot the Fire within and take in all the uplifting Rays of Light into all of your cells…

✅ Connect with the Wind (so with all elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air). FEEL it with the tiny hairs on your skin…

Eat food that truly nourishes you. Maybe extra fresh fruits or (raw) veggies or a nice warm selfmade soup…

✅ Drink extra water or herbal tea or fresh juice.

Rest when your body and mind and spirit obviously need it; educate yourself when it comes to taking all signs your ‘system’ gives you seriously… listen, honour and respect the body and don’t try to bypass the signals (any longer), for then the body needs to come up with more severe symptoms to get your attention). Rest can have many different forms like lying down, going to bed early, putting off your cell phone (and other devices), cancelling appointments. Because NO it is not your duty to be loyal to your schedule, but YES it is your duty to be loyal to YOUR SOUL first and foremost.

✅ Move the body. Try not to do so in a harsh way, but try being soft, tender, gentle… you will start to get in tune with a whole different kind of energy that way… The Energy of the Inner Caretaker (The Mother, The Divine Feminine – talking to males and females of course).

Meditate, pray and - if you like them - do affirmations…as long as you always remind yourself to add to whichever prayer “if it’s for the Highest Good of you and all”. That way you open up more to Divine Perfection to move through you and to pave The Way.

This is by far not a ‘complete list’!! (How could it ever be).

Please don’t force yourself to do them all or any of them if none fits you.

That would again be the (old habitual) masculine way of having to DO… whereas what might be the most important ‘thing’ to ‘do’ right now is to ‘turn inwards’, to ‘listen closely’ and to BE.

May this blog inspire you to grant yourself more of...
Sheer Space for yourSelf.

with LOVE and FAITH in ALL,