I experienced Unity...

Today is the day after the 9.9 Krystal Light Codes Activation. Members of the Field of Love came together in sacred circle to bathe in high frequencies and then receive what wished to come through for each and everyOne.

I wrote an article, '9.9 Krystal Light Codes Activation', in which I had (amongst others) mentioned the intentions and the energy that I felt was connected to this specific online meeting of sisters and brothers. Then I heard a most beautiful story today and I'd like to share it with you...

all gatherings within the Field of Love are being recorded and accessible at any time for all members


Since I received a most meaningful experience of one of the participants, I decided to write yet another blog:

This woman started by sharing with me that, until now, there had always been 'something' that had prevented her from joining one of my offerings. Maybe, she wondered, it was because she feels more like an Indigo 'kid' than like a Krystal Seed and thus she had presumed that 'my way of working' and 'her constitution' wouldn't be a good match. Because, according to her, Indigo's are more about destroying old structures and belief systems in order to pave the way for the Krystal children to be able to incarnate; kicking some ass here and there, causing some much-needed friction. "That's my task in life," she stated. But, as she concluded afterwards, apparently her soul is evolving. So 'her Indigo' is opening up the space for more 'Krystal into her life'. So this time, she félt from within: I need to participate!

She stepped in really open and was curious to find out whether my way of using words, the way I used my voice, would trigger something in her that would irritate her, since one of the things she can't stand is too much of the 'new-age-blabla-kind-of-nonsense', like 'there-is-only-love-and-light-and-we-just-shut-our-eyes-for-the-shitty-things-in-life'. Apparently she had assumed that I was 'one of those' (I guess my Sacred Rebellious side isn't that obvious to all people, wink). Well, instead of writing a very long article this time, let me just share her experience here:


[..] you really have a diamond voice, of an energy and a vibration that really touches me. And something very special happened last night: I took my crystals upstairs, went to sleep and I really had a Unity dream.. I dreamt about Oneness all night. I think my intention upfront had to do with duality and struggle; those were the two things of which I felt that they had come full circle, that they could be ended. And while I say it I just have to cry a bit… For it has mostly been about that. However, in the dream I experienced only Unity, Oneness…

Everything was water. Actually two symbols emerged: Everything was water and it went in waves. I understood that the lower wave helped the upper wave so to speak. So, I understood that [some people] are still unconscious. But in that dream it made sense, because it is impossible for everyone to become conscious at once. But we are helping each other, as waves of water, to get there. And that everything is perfect as it is. (sniff) It was really beautiful. It’s hard to explain because it was being shown in images and it was just very clear to me: That all is good, as it should be, and that everyone is helping each other and that everything happens when the time is right. Later I thought of a necklace with beads. And I realized, “If everyone would wake up at once and see what's really going on in the world, that that chain would break then. That it would cause chaos. So instead, it happens bead by bead. It was such a beautiful dream, in which I was able to experience Unity in the way I could comprehend it.[..] 


Yesterday, on the 9th of September, I redecorated my office and translocated all furniture. Out with the old, in with the new!

Right before it was time to go live with the gathering of 'Field of Love' I saw this white candle on top of a cabinet and took it down. "O right", I realised when I saw what was lying around the candle, "I still need to repair this necklace..." But apart from that, I did not pay too much attention to it, although I did find it a bit curious that I had never used it before during a worksho

The candle stood behind me during the Transmission (you can see it in the video above on the right side). But only after hearing about the experiences of this participant it struck me: "O my gosh, these are actually beads of a necklace that broke and I just happened to grab it and put it right there." I don't see that as mere coincidence. I consider this to be a divine sign of synchronicity. Hallelujah.


Although it might not be a 9.9 date when you read this, this specific Transmission with the Krystal Light Codes Activation can be of assistance any time you feel something has either been completed or has almost come full circle. This can be about an inner transformation, a relationship, (bad) habits, conditionings, you name it! When it comes to a relationship it can certainly be wise to close it in a ceremonial way; consciously. But also, like the woman above intended, when you wish to be over and done with certain 'themes' or yearn to 'step out of duality'. 


Also remember this: although these Codes are truly very impactful and can lead to deep and even sudden miraculous transformations, you can not expect it functions like a magic wand; it's not like 'you receive and have no-thing to do anymore'. The power of these Krystal Light Codes is that they expose all of you to The Light. The Light of the Purest Love and Truth. It depends on the individual what a person will notice and also what the outcome will be.

These Codes are highly intelligent. Way smarter than the egoic mind will ever be able to comprehend. 'They'(*) know what 'the right dose' is for you to grant you the optimal experience. That is why every time you listen to a recording you will have a different experience and different results!

So, you will receive for as much as your 'system' can be receptive. And then, you can 'grow into' the new state of BEing on all levels. You'll need to take time to integrate and sometimes literally get used to other perspectives. It might be you notice you still try to step into old habits (after all, they felt like the safest thing to do for so long!) but... you can't get away with it any longer. This can feel a bit uncomfortable. Yet, isn't this what our Path is all about? To outgrow that which has ripen and to level up, living more in alignment and in accordance with your Truth?!

We are here, growing, evolving, into complete HUman(**) BEings.
Remembering and reembodying our Sovereignty.
Taking full ownership again, including everything that occurs in our lives.
Becoming one with all that is once more.
Experiencing Oneness, Divine Union.


As you walk along your Path, following your True Destination, may you enJOY your Ascension process to the max and may these Krystal Light Codes support the full blossoming of your Soul.

You will find this specific Activation and many more in the Field of Love. More info HERE.

with Love & deep Faith,




"Ohhhh I loved it. It felt like I was somewhere else, I actually don’t know what happened to me. I needed to sound almost the whole activation. Thankyou very much Ariette, thankyou very much everyone"

"Thank you all & thank you beautiful Ariette. I've been nudged all week & for me it's the crowning of liberating my heart & soul & further connecting with light & love. It's been very healing."

"The sounds You Made (Which language I don’t know) was Just mesmerising. Thank You Lovely I had a beautiful experience!! I feel So much lighter!"

"Dear Ariette thank you so much this was truly wonderful, magical and beautiful thank you"

"Thank you! I loved it. I actually fell asleep looool but the interesting part is that I woke up exactly when you were saying ..to return to your body…thank you.. and see you in the next session"

"Thank you everyone! Thank you Ariëtte! It was beautiful and touched so very deep! I feel very raw and emotional right now. Looking forward to the integration the next days, I have a feeling this is a big shift! Thankyou Thankyou thankyou"

(*) Well actually it's even more accurate to state that 'they' consist not only of the Krystal Light Codes but they 'work' in perfect attunement with your Highest Self, your whole Soul. 

(**) HU refers to God