9.9 Krystal Light Codes Activation

It is almost 9.9 as I write this ~ September 9th 2021.

99 = a so called Master Number date.

When you double it the energy and meaning of this Master number or Angel number amplifies.

all gatherings within the Field of Love are being recorded and accessible at any time for all members


For me, 9 refers mostly to completion.  

A closure of things, periods, issues, relationships, (bad) habits, or what have you. Something has come to fruition, has matured, can be 'harvested' and 'used', for the better good of all. Thus a vacant space originates in which something new can arise; seeds can be planted, projects can be instigated. It can also refer to that you have almost reached a certain goal you had set. A vital part on your Soul's Path.


On this date of September 9th 2021, I will offer a guided Krystal(*) Light Codes Activation for all members of the 'Field of Love' who wish to participate in the live online circle. The intent being this time, to gain insights when it comes to:

Closures. Which 'doors' have been or can be shut deliberately? What can be released with ease and grace in the atmosphere of a massive amount of Gratitude? Which insights have you gained? Or which insights may arise within, that support your evolution and ascension process? Could it be there are dead ends you have not been recognising nor acknowledging as such, but which are blocking your Soul's progress?

Endings mark new beginnings. Which new portals desire to be opened? Which intentions pop up from your Heart & Soul? 


Before I share more about the Krystal(*) Spiral, the Krystal Codes and Christ-ALL consciousness, let me enlighten you a bit regarding how I 'need to work' and why: It is my Soul's desire to be of Service to The One (Source / Goddess~God principle, Mother~Father God united as One) for the Highest Good of ALL. In this incarnation I (amongst others) serve as a vessel through which certain very high dimensional frequencies are being transmitted.

I have been working intensively with Crystal, Krystal and with the (what I call) Christ-ALL Light Codes and Rays of Christ-ALL Light for years now. I have offered many workshops internationally (in person and online), offered sessions and 1-on-1 as well as group wise 6D Crystal Chakra Activations; later Krystal Chakra Activations.

It was not that I rationally knew much about them or could explain 'what they were'. It was simply a Calling I heard from deep within, that I needed to follow. This is linked to my Soul's desire. To be of the highest possible and purest intended service it is essential for my Path to surrender more and more into the 'not-knowing' zone. Granting my Heart & Soul the opportunity to truly be in the lead; in alignment with Truth and the Highest Integrity of unconditional Love. In retrospect I can conclude that it seemed as if my mind was even being blocked from having thoughts arise, that it was an option to search on the internet for more (rational based) information. It never occurred to me in those first years. Not even when people asked me to explain more. For my Soul's evolution and to be of Service it is Essence-al (so: of Essence) to Trust, to open my 'vehicle' and 'let the Light of Love have it's way' through me. This is not always easy or convenient.

We have been raised within and conditioned by a patriarchal and rationally based system (especially in the western society). I too had been 'infected' by that way of functioning. If I could not justify certain emotions or intuitive insights they had no right to exist according to those I grew up with. It was vital I had to be deprogrammed of this matrix-program in order to be able to tap into more of my innate gifts, talents and qualities. What life offered me were many initiations I had to go through. For instance 2 burn out periods.

After the first burnout I still tried to 'return back to normal'... not being able then to accept 'the old normal had never been normal and thus not healthy for my system'. So (and I simplify the whole 'story' of course) eventually I was being propelled into a second burn-out period. After these experiences certain left brain qualities were 'gone'. Before, I had had the capacity to 'put a lot of info in my brain and then later reproduce it'. I did not need an agenda to note appointments because it was all in my head. I never forgot one. Also, I knew all birthday dates of my whole family, all friends and even acquaintances. I even knew their addresses by head. Afterwards, all these capacities seemed to have been wiped away. Gone. Which felt horrible in the beginning. Very scary. I had no idea where I could rely on now!

It sounds a bit strange to me now when I state the following, but at that time it was as if i had vanished... What of me could I still trust? How could I function if I couldn't remember things anymore? I was afraid people would judge and exclude me for forgetting to congratulate them on their birthdays and for forgetting appointments. 

In hindsight I can recognise that this was a necessity to help me in unravelling the capacities of the right hemisphere of my brain more and then to reconnect both hemispheres more than before. It was also necessary in order to dare to trust my intuition more and to develop psychic gifts. I had to revaluate my feelings and emotions instead of what I had been taught: to devaluate and neglect them.

So although in the beginning, as I recovered from my burn-outs, it felt as if I had been shut off from 'half of me', the true goal of my Soul ánd the result of it all was that in the end I gained way more than just the half of me that 'had been lost'. It supported me to grow into a more complete HUman(**) BEing; acknowledging the richness of feelings, emotions, intuition. Being able to access ancient Knowledge stored within. Retrieving 'rational' knowledge and at times even 'scientific' insights without having read certain information. Overall, these experiences have enabled me to be of Service, the way my Soul needs to be, in a more effective and impactful way. At this moment in time I don't even long back to the state of mind I left behind. 

As stated above, I have been transmitting High Frequency Codes (Crystal, Krystal and Christ-ALL) for years now. It was only when I had 'grown into deep Faith' that I was being led to 'rational' info on the internet and learning more about them in that sense. A complete reverse direction compared to how I and most people have been raised nowadays, but I can honestly say that it is a FUN way that I deeply cherish now. My inner child enjoys this adventurous path of constantly stepping into the unknown and being able to feel and play and be fully alive!

(P.S.: Yet not all people I know can appreciate it though (wink). And that's okay. I still remember the priority the mind slash ego gives itself ;-) 


When it comes to the Activations and Initiations I facilitate the above is very important. (As well as the part at the bottom of the page, below the video 'LET THE MIND REST LEAVE IT AT HOME'). I am here to help you to 'have a whole new kind of experience'! All you need to do during an activation is to open up and receive. Which can be a challenge at first, I know. We all need the time and mild patience to 'grow into new habits and surrender to new experiences'.

To help you to ease into it all I suggest the following: Lie down on a comfortable surface (a mat or bed, maybe have a pillow and blanket with you). Surround yourself with (cleansed) crystals. Have a glass of water with you. Make sure you are in a quiet space; this is your Me-time so enjoy it to the max. Is there a specific scent that you like (incense, palo santo, a spray?). Pick or buy flowers you like that you can have near you or put on an altar if you have one. Have your diary and a pen with you to note any important insights (or - light code - symbols) that come through. 

Afterwards, take time to integrate. Drink enough water or herbal tea. Move your body gently. Go out into nature. Cuddle trees. Walk barefoot. Ask Gaia for support to ground and integrate everything. Also ask your 'team' (in the other dimensions) for help. Rest whenever your body tells you to do so. (Like, e.g., when you feel pain coming up, tiredness, notice you are distracted easily).


Since I am aware that for a lot of people it can be interesting to receive or read more information I added a link to a website with more explanations below. I also added a link to music that transfers the Kryst Code. Because sometimes... feeling and receiving that way (through music / art) is way more efficacious than to mindfully comprehend. 

Below I will quote some of the info regarding the Krystal Spiral as shared by Ascension Glossary / Lisa Renee and Divine Tools


This is the motto I have come to embrace along my journey: Let the mind rest, leave it at hOMe... Although I fully understand and acknowledge the worth of our rational thinking, it can form a barrier as well when this is what we believe to be the only and the best way. It then conflicts with our Evolution and Ascension process. Because our egoic parts likes to 'stay safe', which is: 'sticking within the zone known'. Whereas where I like to take you to is to zones-unknown... Beyond the comfort zone is where growth takes place.

I like to guide you into a state of massive expansion, so that you can and will discover the vast terrain that has not been treaded yet. Once you set foot there... a whole new World opens up...leading to a whole new way of Living (thinking, behaving, dreaming a.s.o.).

May you excavate your Multi Dimensional aspects and Multi Dimensional Reality.

With Krystal imbued Love for ALL, 

Ariëtte Love Loeffen


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(*): more info on the Krystal Spiral can be found on Ascension Glossary 

Also listen to this powerful impactful High Frequency music 'Kryst Code Activation' (version 2021) by Divine Tools (some of the images on this I found on both mentioned websites as well, so all credits for the images go to Ascension Glossary and Divine Tools)

(**) HUman. HU refers to God.