the Goddess has many faces

It is TIME to Awaken.

To awaken the Inner Goddess (in both females and in males).
It is Time to Awaken to our Wholeness, our Holiness, to Awaken to Truth, to reconnect to our innate Goddess Qualities, to our Multidimensionality...

it is Time to remember ONEness...

In this impactful guided meditation (19:49 mins) we will be transmuting old energies with the help and support of the elements,

Nature, Life, Gaia,

the Goddess in all Her many forms,

the Goddess with Her many Faces...

This meditation has been recorded during a (sudden) Thunderstorm in Southern France, Cathar land,

while we were in the Cave of Mary Magdalene with a view on Rennes-le-Chateau.

This storm kept us 'stuck' in the cave for many hours. Which was actually Perfect for HER to enter my 'system' even more...

and then I got a nudge to start to record this Guided Meditation...

I LÓVED all of it!!!

How ALL was Being guided through and through.

Reconnecting this Deeply with Her

was a Gift of LIFE itSelf.

You will hear the thunder and the rain and might also feel

the vibrations of the Goddess frequencies

that are so palpable in that area,

where there has been a Goddess Cult

during many ages...

Anna Ra expressed her experiences during this meditation

in this Sacred Poem:

Goddess in the Rain 

opens my Heart yet again 

Her Thunder shakes me to the core

Her Lightning of Love strikes me once more

Her Water runs through every vein

Washing away all debris and pain

The darkest cavern is suddenly LIT

In Full SourceLight, not just a bit 

I can see it in her Eyes

It's time. It's time to RISE!

Her Yes is a Yes, her No is a No

Determined she says: 'Now, let's Glow!'

Let's Shine this Light on every plane

Let's walk with The Goddess once again

~ Anna Ra ~

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If you enJOY this guided meditation you might also wish to check the online program 'THE GLORIOUS GODDESS' which starts with 'the Goddess Awakens' guided by Ariëtte Love Loeffen of HeartSoulutions, 

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It is Time to Awaken.

The Goddess needs to return in this day and age to be re-embodied.

SHE has many faces.

Aspects we have forgotten about.

We need to release what is ready to be left 'in the past' and

learn to embrace ALL of ourSelves...

In the Cave of Mary Magdalene She showed up in many different ways

which resulted in this guided meditation...

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