333 Holy Trinity merging as ONE

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333 TRINITY merging as ONE in Christ Consciousness

Welcome into this Temple of Light. 

A Beautiful Crystalline Temple of high vibrational frequencies

A temple in which Christ Consciousness is fully present.

The doors are open to those who are pure of Heart. Now enter…

Enter and take a seat. 

Let yourSelf be guided inside this Holy place. Enjoy these pure vibrations of Source.

Enjoy the frequencies that are dwelling here to uplift your Heart & Soul. To help you awaken to Truth. To step more into Love. And Pure Light. Maybe you feel you want to lie down on the crystalline floor that gently holds you, carries you. And can you feel how you’re being held? How you’re being supported?

And how everything that is here with you – everyOne, every BEing, every energy – can you feel that it’s here, for the benefit of you and all?...

A Sacred Temple of Light. A Holy place where Christ Consciousness is fully Present. And You’re Here in an energetic bath. And you can take it in into all of your cells, into the cores of each cell, into the smallest particles. Into your very DNA. Awakening dormant DNA parts that are now absolutely ready to be reawakened.

So you can become aware of your potential in this reality Now.

And your mind might wants to know what it is that will be awakened. Just Trust. Surrender and trust. You will know when it’s time to be aware. Now rest. Rest. Open up. Open up your whole system. Your chakra channel from top to the root. All the way opening up (3x). Ephatah (3x). Innana Tara (3x).

Connect to Christ Consciousness. Your Heart knows this. It’s Coming hOMe. Feel it. Take it in. And remember. Remember why you came here. Who you are. Your Mission. Your Divine Purpose. Your role. Your gifts. Your talents. Your beauty. Your Joy. Your Dance. Your creativity. How it is to BE in the Flow of Life. Remember how it is to be fully connected. Remember that you are part of a Universe that exists thanks to Abundance.

Manifestation itself is Abundance. All is available to us if it’s for the highest good of us and All. Remember (3x). Connect to the Power of Three. 3 3 3.

The Divine Mother. Holy Father. Sacred Child. The Trinity. The Holy Trinity of Life inside your Heart. Connect. Sacred Child. Holy Father. Divine Mother. Connect to all aspects inside of yourself. Become the Sacred Child, the Innocent child, the playful joyful, wise child. Bcome the Holy Father. Connect to the Holy Masculine frequencies inside of yourself. Support yourself. Create Sacred Space. Connect to Wisdom. Inner guidance. Strength. Truth. Light. See yourself as your own Sacred space holder.

Connect to the Divine Mother inside yourself. Everywhere. Pure Love. Caring Wisdom. Softness. Gentle compassion. And so much understanding. Unconditional Love.

The separation was an illusion.

It’s time to integrate, to embody all parts that were once segregated. And now ready to merge. Connect to your Original Divine Blueprint Now.

And keep breathing. Be with how this feels.

Become aware of You standing in and as Truth. Truth embodied. Feel how it feels. To be Love embodied. Wisdom embodied. And a Powerful Source of Light walking this Earthly plane. Carrying the Codes of Christ Consciousness wherever you go. Radiating it out into the Earth, the Crystal grids, into the fields of those whom you meet. Places you go to. Into the Cosmos itself. Beautiful powerful Being of Light. It is time to wake up to the Truth of who you are. This is who you BE. This is why you BE. Remember and BE.

Become aware of how this feels in your body. Feel it. Feel it from the Crown, all the way to the root and then all the way to your toes. Your whole body. How does it feel? To be a walking vessel of Love, of Light? And maybe you feel a smile on your face. Do enJOY. Do enjoy how it feels in your Heart. Take it in. Ankh-or it. Ankh-or it in your own unique way. Maybe with a symbol. And maybe something else comes up.  

Now look around you. Maybe the environment has changed. The environment you stepped in when you entered. Maybe it seems as if this space has expanded and maybe not, just be curious.

And when you’re ready. You return fully into your beautiful body. This holy vessel of your Soul. And pay deep respect towards your Soul and your Heart. Your courage. Express your Gratitude to all who are here always. To support you in the fullest unfolding of your BEing. Every new Now moment. For the Highest good of You and ALL. For the Whole. A’ho.

I thank you with all my Heart for your beautiful Joy, Love, Light, your Graciousness, your Wisdom, your Devotion to Truth. To God, Goddess. Your dedication to co-Create a New Golden Earth. Thank you. I love you.

In Love and Devoted to Truth,

Ariette Love Loeffen



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Gratitude from Listeners:


~ Holger Kirchhof ~

It affected me beyond measure. 

Filled with the light of Christ consciousness thank you infinitely!

I am a Plieadian star seed here to assist mother Gaia and to bring fourth the catalization of global ascension to every living thing on earth. 

This is not my YouTube. I am borrowing it mine is Love light Shining. As soon as I can regain access back to my own channel I will subscribe and follow you forever divine wayshower.

Infinite blessings 

Eternal love and light 

~ Mike ~

How beautiful. Your voice and teaching, wow. So soft, soothing and inviting into further depth. Awesome!

~ Flowrider ~

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