March 19: Equinox Multidimensional Openings


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If yoú wish to benefit of these high vibe frequencies as well, it is good to know that the Replay is available now (Equinox Magical Multidimensional Openings [49:44 mins]). But not only that! 

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- Video ‘Vision at 4 Pillars of Giza’ [10:22 mins]

- Video ‘Affirmation for a Magical Multidimensional NightTime’ [05:11 mins]

- Document ‘Affirmation for a Magical Multidimensional NightTime’.


“Thank you everybody, it was wonderful. I felt a huge clearing in the wombspace, as if all the creational force was finally being released. And the hyrogliefs were lighting up everything in the body. Also felt Sekmet yes. Cried a lot and it was amazing.”
“Wow thank you so so so much! No words so beautiful.. I felt totally whole and complete. Felt everything at once, completely at One.. My body, everything.. 
At one point I felt I was being pulled down to earth by my feet (a deeper incarnation!). 
I instantly started to cry. So beautiful all the energies.”
“Beautiful! When naming the new dimension, In noticed a special feeling along my spine and I saw myself turning into some kind of crystalline, pearly creature with horns, some kind of goat. And in the wholing room I noticed a lot of feelings, almost pressing on my heart, and much more, thank you dear Ariette and thank Egypt and everyone.
Oh yes also Sekhmet was there.”

“It was so good to see you again yesterday. You looked great. Very light. And I loved to participate again. It went really deep. I am still recuperating from it. Because I dived in immediately. I felt downloads entering. From the top downwards; crown opening and then I felt things happening under the soles of my feet and third eye… I felt so many sensations. Many images but I couldn’t make much of it. Afterwards I was really knock-out and sleeping time was rather dreamless, and I feel tired now. So wowww, a lot has taken place! It was really very special. This will integrate at its own pace. So, thank you.”
“Beautiful! THANK You. I felt the profoundness of the journey. Thank you for all that you do and bring forth to the world/all/u.”
“Thank you for all your energy and affirmations! Always bring in more light.”

“I saw so many little lights around us. A shower of love and light. Life energy, filled with joy.”

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