HERE I AM is more than a powerful statement and intention. This Activation impacts you on the deepest level of your multidimensional DNA. Read more HERE

♡ Ariëtte ♡


“thank you very much!! It went very deep, was super nice! much love”
“Thank you, I take integration time. I cried a lot, my son was kissing me all the time, bedtime. Nice to be here, HERE I AM.”
“Very nice, a lot of yawning. Blue light but also some physical discomfort..loving..thank you”
“Thank you, it was very nice and deep. It felt very powerful every time you said HERE I AM”
“I felt wonderful, soft peaceful happy”
“It was beautiful; deep and emotional. thank you. Here I am. Taking some me time now…. thanks thanks”
“The vortex was very intense, powerful”
“yess I feel the power in me...I am”
“[..] I also saw the Light pilar and i saw a couple. I saw also 4 angels, and they are going to help me with discipline, success, structure and joy. It was beautyfull”
“[..] I was partly aware and partly 'out'. so I don't know what happened… I was aware at the start and of the pillar part, but then out again…”


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