88 LionsGate Portal: New Golden Jerusalem [1 hr]

This potent video of the '88 LionsGate' is available, you can currently buy without having to become a member of the 'Field of Love'. 


Awaken your primordial force and courage, whenever you wish to request for extra support. Tune into your inner Queendom and Kingdom to enhance inner Divine Union. That latter is actually one of the main ingredients of this Transmission: Inner Divine Union. 

In the Queenly and Kingly presence of the Lioness and the Lion, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene and other Ascended Masters, Sirian & Lyran star- and light beings, our Dolphin and Whale family, elementals and celestial beings, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies dance through you in a vertically spiralling way until they root deeply within, united as One. 

A glorious Golden Krystalline Gateway of Light opens before you and you are to enter... the New Golden Jerusalem. You are being invited to fully step into the Light of the New Era. Everything of you exposed in this presence of Eternal Love. Open up to the Treasures stored within, to the Memories your Heart contains... remembering life in Paradise; Heaven on Earth.


"Where Love rules.
Where Sovereignty reigns.
Where Wisdom is being appreciated.
Where Truth is being acknowledged...
and is leading the Way of the Heart."


"Thank you so much.  Oh it was absolutely amazing.  I wanted to say so much after it all, but to be honest could not quite find the words. It was so amazing, I truly felt the oneness in a way that I have never felt before, my whole body was vibrating in love and as love.  The mind blowing experience was really seeing myself as love, as light, as wise, as incredible ooh that was totally incredible.  I felt as if the Goddess Rising laid the foundation for this, I was adjusting to being this and seeing this, I saw my Goddess as this beautiful being rising within me, with me, but last night I was HER, we are ONE ooooh wow wow wow"

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for letting us all have this warm heart felt connection. Love you so very much."

"Felt overwelming love and gratitude to you all! Thank you so much!"

"Thankyou very much. it was very beautiful"


Even in times when we would not be in the specific energies of this LionsGate Portal anymore, that which is being transmitted in this guided Meditation-Activation will still be highly effective and supportive for your Ascension process. 

Tip: Keep your journal and a pen close so you can write or draw what needs to be remembered.

Do feel invited to let me know what has been touched and activated within you during and after watching this (hmm, yes, this one starts with eyes and Heart wide open).

all my Love to you,

xx Ariëtte 


Telegram channel: https://t.me/HeartSoulutions