We need You

Throughout the lifetimes we spent in this vast Universal playground, we’ve had many chances to polish our Souls. To discover our unique qualities. To experiment with things that are not congruent with our Mission and that distance us from our inner Core, and also experience what’s instantly helpful for our Unfolding and Evolution…

In this plane of Free Will we can get lost quite easily, for there are many seductions that cán lead us astray…and some of the most Beautiful Radiant Light Souls dó get lost… I see it… and I pray all the time that hopefully it will be for just a short time… while experiencing here what does NOT serve them nor what they came Here for…

Some (many actually) of these Beautiful Sensitive Beings feel frustrated when watching / feeling (!) the State humanity and the Earth are in. They feel incapable even to make a difference… while they came here to be of SERVICE…!

They then start to believe all negative thoughts about their own unworthiness, about the uselessness of them being here…

it makes them sad to say the least, or even depressed… they want to get out but feel stuck…

and so the many SEDUCTIONS available here now find a Wound to enter (and make it even worse!)…resulting in depression, lethargy, illness, aggression, abuse of drugs, alcohol, not taking care of ones body (for why should they…since it/all is useless and meaningless anyway…?), unhealthy relationships / unsafe friendships and so on…

Know this:

You are fully allowed to leave your Path. To go astray.

To forget…

Your Beauty, Your gifts (99% of us probably did that when we incarnated!!), Your Uniqueness, Your WORTH, Your INNATE POWERs, Your USE-ability.

You cán.

Since this is the planet of Free Will.

But IF you do so, I wish you dó remind yourself every now and then, that even if these negative thoughts and belief systems can be very loud, seem to be the truth and very clear… THIS IS NÓT YOU!

And thus, they do NOT DEFINE YOU!

How can they ever?

When your Nature is




It’s just fééling real (by) now, because of this Wound…


Attend to the wound.

Don’t neglect or bypass it.

Give it all the attention and LOVE it needs. Literally. Caress yourSelf. NOURISH ALL OF YOU.

Forgive yourself if that feels right (and yeah, I know… in the grand scheme of things, nothing needs to be forgiven and all is whole… I deliberately do not state this here for it too often leads to bypassing which is NOT SERVING YOU AT ALL; ON THE CONTRARY.


Don’t expect too much too fast…

allow Divine timing to do it’s work. Allow yourself to be patient, ór to learn to attain patience more.

Allow yourself to come back to YOUR-SELF.




YOU don’t need to know when that will happen. How that looks like. WHAT you need to do even.

TRUST is the MAGICAL KEY in this….:

Building your Muscles of Trust.

We’ve got this Shiny Radiant Ones.

I love your Light.

I love your courage.

I Love You.

Thank you for BEing Here


In Love & Grace,