Own your shit

I do not mind people making mistakes. It’s part of this game we play here. 
What I dó mind and am very aware of is when people don’t take responsibility for their own choices and behaviour but expect others around them to solve it. 

This still happens A LÓT, álso within the Spiritual Community... (it seems to ‘worsen’ even at times...which makes sense, looking at the stage we’re in...keep reading in order to understand what I mean...).

I honestly feel the time to fool around playing that part of the game is over. It’s not fitting anymore.

If we are dedicated to RISE UP then
we have to open our eyes in all earnesty and honesty and See where we are passing our own created problems (our shit ) on to others to solve them... 
You see, living ‘in the Higher Realms’ - living HEAVEN ON EARTH - means taking charge ON ÁLL LEVELS.
In ALL ASPECTS of our Lives.
It means BEING WILLING TO TAKE FULL Responsibility.





it ÍS

We need to tap in to the courage to shine the Light on the chaos we ourselves have been creating, being open to whatever feelings and emotions arise in us once we See it (which might nót be FUN at all) and deal with it: 

See it,

open our Compassionate Heart to it,

letting fierce LÓVE flow in and through us (to the hurt and pain and sorrow and guilt and shame),

make amends and then Do The Right Thing.

REMIND yourSelf gently every now and then that
We are growing up at God-dess Speed:

Fast track from childhood, rushing through adolescence (anyone recognize resistance within that surfaces at times? see the resemblance with teenager behaviourism?), turning into ADULTS... 

As children we could hide behind someone’s back, point a finger and state “its all her/his fault!” and even get away with it... 

No more. That’s over and done with.

(And we shouldn’t even want to continu that disempowering play anyway... )

We are here, changing rules and shifting settings.

“But I am nót ready, I can’t!!!”, your inner teenager might shout at times.

But Love, we are actually RIGHT ON TRACK!:

This is what we came for. 

This is what our Souls have been longing for.

To feel EMPOWERED once more.

To BE Sovereign.

Because thát is what makes us FREE.

We can never feel FULLY EMPOWERED as long as we are not willing to also take full responsibilty. It just comes ‘with the job’. It’s just an inseparable part of this new phase of The Game. To which we said yes to begin with...

(Look at it this way when you feel reluctant to own your sit... suppose someone else would be responsible for your problems ánd also for solving them...maybe time and time again... wouldn’t that make you DEPENDANT of someone else? Wouldn’t that mean your happiness depends on them? Wouldn’t that feel as if ‘someone’ is pulling the handbreaks in your car constantly...? And hey, it’s allowed to stick to this kind of acting! (You have freedom of choice after all). 


you are yearning to fully STEP UP and OWN YOUR POWER and TAKE CHARGE in yoúr Life ❤️ 

(Once you get this, once you get the hang of this, you’ll See that this is actually one of the most empowering phases of this game!!!)

Triumphing over the OLD we are.
Bringing in the NEW GOLDEN GLORIOUS paradigm.
Within and thus without and v.v. 
Below and thus Above and v.v. 
Starting HERE & NOW
For the LOVE of ALL 

with tremendous Love and a massive amount of Faith,



pics by my Love Rob In Het Veld - Loeffen

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