Heart Beat(s) Matter(s)

What makes your HEART beat faster? What’s the Rythm of your Soul?What FIREs up your inner sparkles?
What makes your belly warm and glowing?
What makes your eyes shine bright?
What nourishes your BEing in the most delicious way?
What inspires you só much you wake up with a smile in the morning, eager to put your energy in it to MAKE IT HAPPEN???
You might rather neglect or even shove aside feelings and sensations like this, as well as your Dreams, as if they don’t matter much.

While actually, ALL of these feelings and thoughts and what you would vividly Dream of - if you would allow yourSelf - matters!!!

A LOT!!!

They’re significant signposts along our Path. And when we want to live a Life in which we Thrive and live in Joy, according to our Purpose, we need to turn our attention inwards and start to pay attention to ‘the signs’...
Our body is our ally in this. Telling us when we’re in alignment, fulfilling our Mission, and also when we’re off track.

Let’s honor this precious vehicle and ‘Translator-of-Soul’s-longings’ more and more and more... It’s appreciation when we do so is huge! Actually, when we do take the signals seriously the body feels ‘seen’ and ‘heard’ ánd will start to communicate Soul’s desires clearer and clearer... Until... thát’s ‘The New Normal’!!!

You’ll see your Life will improve on all levels...

My perspective?: it’s at least worth the try...! (Promesse)

If you feel the YES but also that you could use support on this Path, feel welcome to contact me. Empowering you in all aspects is what I live for ???????????? ???? (check services here)

Together we Rise BeLoveds! ✨