Egypt Calling and I'm out of control...

O my... do you happen to know those moments when your mind can't quite grasp what is actually happening but when it's happening anyways...? Those moments when it seems to be out of your hands, but when it is in Better Hands anyways? Those moments when you just Know, I have to get totally out of the way now, because what is coming through now has to lead The Way...? Those 'paradoxical moments' when you seem (?) to be out of control while everything is happening according to Divine Order.

Well. That's what's occurring. As we speak. 

Mind Blowing.

Heart in-joy.

Cosmic Fun!

Okay, in short, because for the whole story, not many people take that much time nowadays to read stories from beginning to end. (And I don't blame them. We shouldn't be sticked to screens. Mother Nature is calling us Home).

It was end of December. I seemed to be over a loooong period of challenges (which started the night after 22-02-2022), regarding health- and energy level. But it had only been over recently, since I had been to Bonaire for a holiday with my youngest daughter. So it still felt a bit... 'shaky', 'unstable'... You know, when the mind isn't trusting it fully yet and keeps being 'en garde'? Anyways, it was the end of that challenge-full year and we were looking forward to a New Year filled with a lot of New things, already at the beginning.

Now, I'm not going to share about the rest of my family who are going through transitions, which has its impact on me too, when it comes to time and energy. But I can share about myself and my husband. Because (thanks to) the challenges we had decided at a certain moment we would move (partially?) to Cathar land. That would probably give a boost to my 'system-as-a-whole'. We found a house we can rent. Starting the 1st week of February that will be our base.


And thén, seemingly out of the blue, Sandra de Vos and I felt the calling to travel through Egypt. She was going to go by herself first. But I simply had to join her. Egypt had been calling me back since a few months. And now I felt the big YES. Again, the mind started to object: "Yeah, but I only recovered just recently... is it steady enough... it's so shortly after having moved to Occitania. Is it smart...?" And so forth.

I decided - with the strong support of hubby by the way - to go. For 3 weeks.

And thén the next part of 'The Plan' was being revealed...: While Sandra and I were talking about our joint adventure, we both felt we had to guide a group through Upper Egypt. 
O my goddess... 
Funny thing is... my mind kept its 'mouth' shut then. 
This decision led to such huge energy download, to codes being shown, to upgrades, to chills, to vivid lucid dreams that 'little i' was simply in awe haha. 
I love it when that happens.

So since then, our Sacred Egypt journey has been at the front of our awareness. We have been sooo held and supported in everything that needed to be figured out. It is all unfolding perfectly and smoothly. Even before we had announced our journey here publicly, already a group of participants was forming. 

Mind even more in awe.

Heart even more in-Joy.

Even more Cosmic Fun.

Now the word is 'out there'.
Sandra de Vos and I are humbly announcing that we will BE on a Sacred Mission.
Starting February 19th.
Completion circle February 26th.

In reality though. The journey already started.

Attracting the Souls who are Feeling it, just as we do.

They Know they ought to be present with this.

It makes me bow to Life.

To the Goddesses who over overlighting this Divine Endeavor: Isis, Sekhmet and Hathor.

In just a few weeks time, I will travel, from Sacred soil in Cathar land, to the Sacred soil in Egypt.

To touch the land. To smell the fragrances. To be bathed in its Ancient Wisdom.

And a beautiful group of Souls is feeling they wish to be part of this Mission.

So blessed I feel. So grateful I am.



Registration is currently closed. In case you wish to learn more about upcoming journeys, check


left: Ariëtte Love, right: Sandra de Vos


Love, Ariëtte

(picture at top taken in Saqqara in Lower Egypt).