555 Universal Divine Love

Dear One,

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. I hope you manage to navigate through current new, strange and unprecedented times with ease and grace. It seems though that almost everyone experiences certain challenges and encounters pain or suffering every now and then... sometimes tough challenges that force us to dive in deep... deep into ourSelf.

Life includes changes, always. Current times propel us even into more and more profound and meaningful changes...  


I write this on 5-5-2020. People who are familiar with my work are probably aware of me having 'a thing' with numbers, especially so called Master Numbers, or Angel Numbers. Well today is a 55 day…And, if you add all numbers of today in a numerological manner you even get another 5 in the end: 5+5+2+0+2+0=14, then add the 1+4 and the result is another 5 .

For this special day I have created 2 (!) brand new videos in the context of the frequencies of Master Number 555, Universal Divine Love and the Divine Feminine Frequencies. And I am so excited to share them with you now.

1. a Guided Meditation of 60 minutes (yes!; a very profound one, keep reading!):

2. an introduction to this meditation in which I talk about the energies connected to the 5 and especially the Master Number 555:


In the days prior to this day I have received massive downloads and upgrades! It was so much that I needed to just stop and simply BE with what was occurring and shifting within... Not because it was too hard to handle. But because I was being nudged to do so. It made the process a whole lot easier: To withdraw from the outer world, pull my attention inwards, to cleanse (including a a few days of fasting to also cleanse my physical system).

I needed to become really Silent. To heal and whole. To rest and relax. Spend time in nature. Retract from input of (social) media. To just BE with all of Me and to listen... to the whispering of my Heart & Soul.

I know by now it is important when I am being nudged to turn inwards and I 'accept and obey'. Because the most beautiful jewels have sprouted from periods like this...
And then She came through… the Goddess, the Divine Feminine…

I knew for a while already that I 'needed to do something for this 555'. But the content...? I had 'something', but it wasn't all, I knew that... I simply trusted more would come through in Divine Time. Not even knowing if that would before this actual date of May 5th…

But it did... And it was way more than 'what I already had in mind', haha.

The Divine Feminine, the Goddess energy came through very strongly and at the same time in such a soft and gentle way...
She wishes to be heard. More. Now.  
She nééds to be heard. More. Now.
It is Essence-ial for HUmanity.
It is our Sacred Duty.
For the Love of this Planet.
For Love of ALL.

And when it was time, She guided me to come out of my ‘hermitage cave’ and to create and show up. What came through was then being manifested fast and in a Holy flow. A Divine wave of Inspiration.  


You are so welcome into the Sacred Space that has been created and that drenches in the frequencies of Universal Divine Love and the Divine Feminine Frequencies.  

Feel embraced by the Pure Loving Energy of Goddesses Venus, Lakshmi, Hathor and the Sacred Cosmic Mother.

Connect to the Energy of 5 and 555; of Holy Change, Sacred Shift, Transformation and Transitioning; from 3D to 5D. Come in to reawaken Pure Divine Freedom on all Levels, throughout Times, Spaces and Dimensions.

Let all of your DNA be touched and reawakened by these pure frequencies and qualities of Universal Divine Love and all the other qualities that nourish your Soul and enrich your Heart… that uplift your whole BEing.

Supporting all of who you are as you rise up to 5th Dimensional Living, here on this planet.

On the 3rd Dimensional Earthplane we might have felt encaged at times, or many times, as if Freedom has been taken away from us. But now we are unfolding again. Fully.

This Powerful Guided Meditation of 60 minutes guides you with so much Gentleness and Grace through resistance that may show up at times, instead of bypassing it. With the Wisdom and Unconditional Love of the Original Divine Feminine Energy we are invited to embrace all that arises in us, that comes to the surface (challenges ánd qualities and innate strength!).

So in case you’ve noticed any tension in the body lately, we will approach it with the Wisdom of the Heart and the Sacred Cosmic Mother now. The Goddess shows and teaches us how to LOVE all parts of ourSelf.

Feel Safe. Loved. Find Forgiveness.

What is very important too  in current times is that we consciously Reclaim and Declare our Soul’s Freedom. We may have been asleep, we may have been taken advantage of, we may have abandoned our Center and have lost track ‘somewhere along the Way’…


now it is Time to Step back into our Power, to Rise up as the Sovereign BEings that we are and to stand strong. So LOVE Prevails once more. Now.
And thus, within this ‘555 Guided Meditation’ there is a ‘Declaration of Freedom’ as well. Very empowering and freeing, I can tell you that!


Are you ready to Rediscover and Experience Wholeness?

Are you ready to Reclaim your Sacred Sovereignty and to declare your Divine Freedom?

Are you ready to Welcome hOMe the Wisdom of the Goddess? Whichever gender you have in current lifetime, because we all have both masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves. And we are all invited by Life to harmonize them.

We have lived in a system, a matrix, full of distortions and manipulations. And a lot of people have instinctively felt ‘something was off’ without maybe consciously knowing what that was exactly or how to heal and whole… In my experience it is Essencial (Essence-i-ALL) to restore inner balance, so the so called outer world will be rebalanced as well. Peace can only BE where Harmony reigns. The Earth can only heal when we remember She deserves to be treated as the Sacred Mother that She is.  

To name a few simple things… things we so easily tend to take for granted…:

How many people actually realize every single time they put food into their mouth where this food comes from…that She has provided the fertile soil in which the raindrops can fall to feed the roots of plants and on which the rays of the sun can shine to infuse fruits and vegetables with Life force energy? And then we eat and benefit from that. Wow, isn’t that magical? Doesn’t She deserve to be thanked for that in abundance?

Mother Earth provides shelter. Here we can build houses. Here we can meet other people and socialize. Here we can make mistakes and learn how to better ourselves.

Here we can go for walks in the beautiful woods or at the beach.

Here we can have all kinds of sensual experiences; smell lovely fragrances, feel the touch of a caressing hand or silk on our skin, we can take in a wide variety of colours… Here we can experience how it is to walk around in a body that can feel dense at times. To have a mind that seems to have ‘a mind of it’s own’ and learn to step into Mastery and to Expand on all levels…

I know why I signed up to Be Here Now. And I am so immensely Grateful that Gaia grants us the opportunity to fully blossom and thrive Here ánd to be of support to the Collective in this Ascension process. We can best do so when we come to terms with all that arises in us. From this lifetime and other lifetimes (*) as well.

When we return to inner equilibrium.

Another important part of this Balancing and Wholing is... that we can no longer be controlled but take back control and power...


Are you ready to open up to Unconditional Divine Love, Beauty, prosperity on all levels - so you can thrive fully, Heart & Soul - more Selfcare, Sensuality, Creativity, Sacred Sexuality?

Are you ready to spread your Holy Wings as you Transform from the Caterpillar into the Butterfly and bathe in Sacred Platinum-Golden-Diamond Light…?

To experience, in this Now, how it is to BE Here as the fully Realized BEing in 5th Dimensional Frequencies and beyond…?

Then come with me Here  and grant yourSelf this Gift to nourish and enrich your Body, Heart & Soul. You can return to this space any time you feel like receiving new upgrades. Every time, every experience will be a different one… Feel invited to enter the Mysterious Queendom of the Goddess…where Love has always reigned.


Before or afterwards you can also listen to this introduction that reveals more about my insights regarding the 555 frequencies.


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In Grace & Gratitude,

Ariëtte Love Loeffen

(*) For me, the last Atlantean lifetime has been very very much in my awareness for the past months and much healing and wholing has taken place, for which I thank God-dess deeply…