Field of Love

It all starts Within…

Hello Love,

I warmly welcome you in The Field of LOVE;

a global, authentic and radiant community 

Here you can recharge and re-center. Connect, again and again, to your Highest Self. Attune to an endless Field available to you. Nourish your Heart and Soul in the pure (pr)Essence of Love.

In this online sanctuary you will be immersed in high uplifting frequencies. You can enter via a monthly or annual membership and benefit from many Meditations, Activations (live online each Master Number date! Schedule: below), Transmissions, Affirmations and Sacred Krystal (Christ-ALL) Light Codes.

By joining the Field of Love, you become part of a global and growing heart based community. This safe space supports you to reconnect with your unique Blueprint and to remember your innate Truth.

Being aligned with the Power of Love strengthens you in every aspect of your BEing. It expands your sense of Freedom, Sovereignty and Joy. It enables you to tap into the Wisdom that is stored within and that is accessible through your Heart; activating your multidimensional DNA and reuniting all your Soul parts. Divine Union within is being enhanced by specifically focusing on Divine Feminine and Masculine energies and qualities.

When you make some time every day to connect with your soul, you'll get a deep feeling of newfound energy, purpose, clarity, and balance within your heart, body, mind and spirit. 

Ever since my meditation practice deepened I have been searching for a platform that resonates with me. With YouTube always coming up with commercials and Insight Timer often a tiring quest to find a good new meditation. “The Field of Love” is a place where there are many powerful meditations and activations in one environment.
Ariëtte's way of activations are so pure and light. The Transmission of Sacred Krystal Light Codes is what makes 'The Field of Love' especially unique. You can just feel that there is a replenishment on soul-level. (Which often has an integration time for days after.)
Her voice is calm and gentle and you immediately feel connected to the frequency of love. 
To be able to connect on a daily basis with these frequencies is just uplifting on every single level. I would recommend it to everyone and especially if you are a sensitive being, feeling overwhelmed in this world sometimes. 
~ Janine ~

Why The Field of Love ?:

Unlimited access to an ongoing stream of Meditations, Activations, Transmissions, Affirmations and Sacred Krystal (Christ-ALL) Light Codes (without any commercials).

A monthly online gathering of our community with a 1-1,5 hour guided Meditation, Activation or Transmission.

Heart Based Community to connect to like minded Souls.

Discount for several online courses, events, sessions, spiritual journeys and retreats.

(extra discount)


"I have a Dream... I Dream of people feeling Sovereign and Free, Loved and Happy...
I have a Vision.... A Vision of people meeting Heart to Heart and seeing Soul to Soul...
I have this inner Knowing... that we will overcome any polarity and embody Consciousness reigned by Unity."

DATES 2021

of the MONTHLY online MEETINGS

Krystal Light Codes Activations

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Sunday         08-08-2021 20.30-21.30 CET

Thursday      09-09-2021 20.30-21.30 CET

Sunday         10-10-2021 19.30-20.30 CET Birthday of HeartSoulutions (created 10-10-’10)

Thursday     11-11-2021 19.30-20.30 CET

Sunday         12-12-2021 19.30-20.30 CET

Saturday     01-01-2021 19.30-20.30 CET Welcoming the New Year

use a TIME ZONE CONVERTER to check your time

Love always and all ways,

Ariëtte Love Loeffen ~