You can Try to Hide

You can try to hide,

run from your Destination

pursuing the road known so well

(where Heart is pushed aside)

You can try to abide

to current situation

circling deeper into the shell

(and God-dess knows you’ve tried)

You can stick with pride,

entangled in fear, frustration

and in this dimension’s hell

(because Soul has been denied)

You know it’s suicide,

an illusional foundation

and time to say farewell

(shift course, thén… enjoy the ride)

For your Core inside

longs for salvation

to fulfill forecasted spell

(leading as your sole Guide!)

Once groom and bride

emerge as holy constellation

then in Harmony they excel

(Cosmic forces being realigned)

Starry Souls, shining bright

Once arisen to this Realization

Sparkling forever and perpetual

(withín gynandrously Unified)


5 Aug. 2019