International Women's Day

a Golden White Mesa

the Ankh, a Rose...

a Circle of Ancient Souls. 

6 Powerful women

owning beautiful Hearts

6 pair of hands 

forming 6 Prayer Hearts

Prayers by Women Stepping into the Light.

Healing their Wounds, rediscovering their Strength. 

Celebrating their own and other’s Gems and Gifts. 

Women dedicated to Live their Truth. Devoted to embody Love and Wisdom as never before!

Women who felt the Calling to join my Spiritual Mentorship Program and stepped in... not having a clue where this would lead to... 

Their Heart’s YES, their Guide.

Women who never gave up, even when that seemed to be the only way to deal with certain atrocities... 



Women whom I deeply admire.

You have all touched me deeply many times but what opened up yesterday brought me to tears... 

and I smile...

Só much support for each other. Space holding. Safety. Vulnerability. Relief. Flow. Joy. Playfulness. Tears. Laughter. 

I could use many more descriptions but even a cascade of words could never express the depth nor range of these co-creational experiences.

I bow to you all.

I bow to the Goddess in you.

I bow to your Strength and Courage.

I bow to Life for bringing us together.

I am deeply honoured to Walk this part of the Path with you. 

Next to you.

Thank you for letting yourSelf see You. The golden Glow of your mirroring Soul.

Thank you for letting me in.

Your trust moves me deeply...

Women with this attitude, who are so willing to unveil themselves, to embrace ALL of what and who they are, YOU are making this world a só much more Lovefilled place.

Your example matters.

THÍS means the world! 

Happy International Women’s day to all Women everywhere. Young. Old. Girls. Daughters. Mothers. Crones. Grandmothers. Single. Married. Divorced. Gay. Straight. Women who struggle. Women who suffer. Women who Love deeply. Women with bravery. Women of all directions everywhere. Women in all colours and sizes... 

It’s time to rise and stand as Truth.

Thank you for YOU ????❤️???? I Love you 

xx Ariëtte xx

pic: Ariëtte Love Loeffen