How HeartSoulutions came into BEing...

In 2000 I started my first practice in Almere and later in Utrecht (both in the Netherlands). It was called 'Sadhana'.  

On 10-10-'10 'van HarteCoaching' (a.k.a. Ariette Love for my English speaking connections) came into existence. I started to work not only in the Netherlands, but in many different places all over the world. I travelled A LOT and facilitated sessions and workshops and spiritual journeys. Amongst others to places like Miami, New York/New Jersey, Mount Shasta, Bali, Kuwait, Egypt, England, Scotland... I also offered online services.

And now,

on the 1st day of the 9th month of 2019 'HeartSoulutions' has officially come into BEing with the launch of my website 

She has come into this world with a Mission and she is thrilled to share that with you through a variety of services. For she refuses to be bound by just one way of expressing herSelf... Aware of the importance to embody and bring forth once more innate Sacred Feminine qualities, she loves Life in it's many different shapes, she is fond of variety, she loves to challenge herself and to discover the many different sides of herSelf (ánd of others!!).  

Mostly, she loves to live from the Heart, expressing her Soul's wishes here on whatever way is for the Highest good of ALL.

Her name is
HEARTSOULutions, because that’s exactly what she is here for:
to find those solutions that perfectly fit YOUR unique Heart’s and Soul’s Mission!!!

I, Ariëtte Love Loeffen - founder of HeartSoulutions - remember very well that before I actually got pregnant with my earthly children their Soul’s already connected with me beforehand. They announced themselves and I knew they wanted to incarnate. And then they did; I got pregnant and after a while they were being birthed.

It has been the same for this ‘baby’… she had been knocking on my door for a while already before she finally came into fruition. This baby needed quite some time to be seeded and developed. And she is very well aware of the fact that being born does nót mean she is now finished. But that it means she has now been put into The Light, to be publicly seen, so she can connect with many people - way more than before (!) - to share her wisdom and gifts. At the same time she now has even more opportunities to grow and expand, to discover life’s many chances.

And she is looking forward to ALL of it!

She wishes only the Best for you and for our beloved Mother Earth. She desperately wishes all sentient beings will return to living from their Heart, because that’s what this era and this planet needs. In ancient ancient times we did live from our Heart, as innerly balanced beings. Balanced regarding our Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine qualities. We honored the Goddess as well as God. One was not better than the other and certainly not overshadowing and disempowering the other. Instead, we had an innate knowing of our true nature and of why we incarnated on this planet. We were aware of the fact that we would be granted many different opportunities here, that helped us to polish our Souls so they could shine like diamonds. We were grateful to be able to be of Service to the Great Whole.

We also knew we could only exist here on the long run if we supported each other. And most of all we realized we could only Thrive here if we truly honored and respected this Home. And thus She felt like our Sacred Mother. We treated Her like that too and called Her Mother Earth. There was a natural connection with Her. We were very aware She provided us with every single thing we needed, like the air to breath, food to eat, water to drink and cleanse, fire to warm up, a home to give us shelter, human company, animal friends, art, and so on. For every little or big thing She gave us we authentically thanked her. We did not take Her nor anything She shared with us for granted. We respected Her power. We gave something in return when we had been given something. And o how we HONORED Her Beauty. How we felt BLESSED to have the opportunity to BE Here!!! We were the Chosen Ones and we knew we had to act wisely as long as we lived Here… In Heaven on Earth.

How did we know all of this? 

OUR SOULS KNEW and came here with this Knowledge still intact.  
THIS WISDOM of how we SHOULD be living here in order to THRIVE and restore Heaven on Earth is STILL in us.
AND it is still accessible.
We only need to remember HOW…

HeartSoulutions came into BEing to help us remember how it is to  

LIVE FROM THE HEART ACCORDING TO YOUR SOUL’S MISSION in this current time on this planet.

To help more Souls to access our innate Wisdom.

I look forward to help empower you and see you in your Strength, using all the tools I have learned and all the wisdom I have gained in life, thanks to the many deep initiations I’ve experienced.

In order to LIVE an abundant FULFILLED LIFE it is needed to unravel ourSelf. Only then we can reclaim our innate Power in a healthy and sustainable way. Only then we as a species can survive as well as the many other sentient beings living here.

The more we undo ourselves of the veils that have blinded our Hearts and prevented our Souls from shining brightly - during the past eras when ratio overshadowed the Heart - the more we automatically return to our True Nature. We will simply remember how necessary but also how easy it is to treat our planet like the HOME, the caregiver, the nurturer She is.

That’s why She has been called Mother Earth by the many native tribes around the world throughout ‘history’.

Current times ask for a Huge Shift. It is time for some rewriting… Let’s learn from the flaws and mistakes of HIStory to co-create a new comtemporary HERSTORY.

This is what I incarnated for. I am here to support this rebalancing within ourselves. When we do the inner work all shifts and changes we establish will be reflected in the outer world. So, when you long for peace, for more love in your life, more love in the world, for a better mutual understanding, for more compassion, for HEAVEN ON EARTH… YOU are being invited and actually being urged to do the INNER work, so you too can be of Service to the COLLECTIVE.

This is Feminine Wisdom that has been neglected and rejected in the past. No more!

It is time we remember. It is time we restore.
It is time we return to putting our Hearts at the steering wheel.

I am honored to live Here in these pivotal times. 

I am honored to be of Service to the Big Shift in my own unique way.

It is my wish that all those Souls who also incarnated to be of Service in the establishment of New Earth will WAKE UP and RISE UP and STAND AS THEY ARE a.s.a.p.

If you resonate with my Mission and feel I can help you in this time on your Path, you are most welcome to reach out. There are many ways you can do that (*).

I am honored to support you in remembering and fulfilling your unique Soul’s Mission.

Thank you for listening to and honoring your Heart’s and Soul’s Calling.

(As the birth giver, the mother of this new born, I would like to invite you to please share with me what impression you’ve gotten of the new website and services. Also, if there’s anything you’d like to suggest. This baby really yearns to Grow and Glow and it’s very well aware of the importance of the input of others to get to know herself better and to develop… thank you so in advance to help her expand even more into the One she’s meant to BE).

in Love & Divine Service,

Ariëtte Love Loeffen


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