5D to me is like...

5d to me

Is like living in a New Reality

Back to basic


where Life still has

High Quality

5d to me

Is BEing as we are built to BE:

Balanced beings

Masculinity wíth Feminity

within you and

in me

5d to me

Definitely the end of lethargy

Heart on Fire

Leading Purposefully...

Collective Vitality


5d to me

Can you see the Beauty

(…Having surpassed


And the multicoloured Planetary


5d to me

Co-existing Respectfully

All sentient beings

Plants, Animals, Humanity

Back to harmony

and Equality

5d to me

Living in the Wholed reality

Experiencing Oneness

Our multidimensionality

BEing YOU uniquely

within eternal Unity

5d to me is like…

Well, how about YOU?

O do tell me…

Share your Dreams 

your Visions…

It is of high Importancy

I long to know...:

Are you with me?

You + Me = WE


5D REAL-i-ty

xoxo Ariëtte


('van 3D naar 5D' project juli 2020 en augustus

mijn bijdrage van 11 juli 2020 vind je HIER en ook HIER

de algemene FACEBOOK pagina van dit initiatief van Robert Bridgeman, Janosh en Tijn Touber vind je HIER)